No such thing as a happy ending.

just read please.

Chapter 1

Love is not always a good thing.

There once was a girl named Alex. She was in love with a boy named Drake. They both loved each other but were to scared to tell each other. They sat together in all their classes but never talked.

One day a boy came to school with a gun. He came in their science class and pulled the gun out. He shouted that everyone needs to feel his pain. He turned to their elderly teacher and shot him in the head. He then told everyone to get up and line up against the wall. Alex and Drake stood by each other.

The boy walked up to Alex and pointed the gun at her. She was crying. She looked at Drake and whispered. "I love you." Drake gasped but before he could say anything the boy pulled the trigger. The girl waited for the pain that never came. She opened her eyes and saw Drake lying on the ground bleeding. Alex dropped down on her knees and cried.

"I love you too. Now run!!!" Drake gasped and coughed. Alex shook her head. She held Drakes hand as the boy shot more people. As the police stormed in the room the boy turned to Alex and shot her. She fell beside Drake.

Drake wouldn't make it to the hospital. Alex wouldn't leave Drake."Alex...I know that you love me. I'm ready to die. Just go! Please!" Drake said looking at Alex and crying. The police came to take her to the hospital. She held on the Drake hand and he whispered. "I'll wait for you." Then Drakes hand went limp and he stopped breathing.

The hospital healed Alex but she wouldn't speak to anyone. She just kept repeating the same three words. "I love you." One month later Alex walked into her science class with a gun. She took out her gun and shot herself in the head saying "I'll see you soon."


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