New Years Resolution's ( Quibblo Task #3)

My News Year Resolution's..... YEP!

Chapter 1

..... (:

1. Work on reading more books. I've been slacking on my literature nowadays.

2. Work out more. Hahahahaahhahahahaa i'm not gonna work out more. (:

3. Join/Participate in more sports. I only like 2 :P

4. Get all A's on my report card. HA.

5. Get a stable boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?! (:

6. Start writing my novel. I have procrastinated long enough.

7. Create something that is useful to man-kind.

8. Try to be a more pacient person. Gonna be tough.

9. Work on my anger problems. Hehe (:

10. Study Harder. Shakes head, whispers noooo i won't (:

11. Go to at least one high schol party. Helllll yeah! (:

12. Knit my cat a sweater......? (:

13. Make a half court shot. Need to start up with basketball soon!

14. Be a happier person. Self explanitory.

15. Be more helpful to others. Do to others as i would want done to me. (:


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