About me (:

Chapter 1


My name is Alex, But you guys call me Lexi :)

Age: 14 (Turning 15 in 15 days XD)
Favorite colors: Pink, Green, Red, White, Light Blue and Gold
Favorite foods: Everything but not Tomatos, Mushrooms and Maranges
Favorite songs: Moves like jagger, Telephone, What the hell, Bad Romance, Breaking free (HSM) and others
Favorite aritsts: Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Avril Lavinge and others
Favorite movies: Cats "The" Film, Pokemon Films, Sonic x Season 3 (THERE'S SONAMY IN IT :DDDD) and others
Favorite pasttime: Quibblo, Making SonAmy Movies, Playing Video games (I don't mean to brag but i think im a expert on Sonic games, Unless i haven't played that game for a long time XD), Making Quizzes, Making Stories, Watching SonAmy, Shadouge and Tailsmo Videos and more.
Favorite sport: Basketball, Rounders and Golf.
Favorite quote: "Leaving Brocoli...A vegetable" "Are you ready...to DIE!' Could you repeat the question?" Both From Ice Age 3 XD
Favorite T.V shows: Adventure time, Adventures of Gumball, Regular Show, Harry hill's TV burp and others
Favorite book: I don't read books I only read SonAmy Stories on here :3
Favorite rollercoaster: I'm Scared of them :/
Favorite superhero: Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog :D
Favorite villian: Mephilis :D (He kills sonic :S)
Favorite Disney movie: Monsters Inc, Aladdin and others...
Best vaca spot: Spain and Italy (If i ever went there :S)



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