Love can heal most wounds {Sirius Black love story}

Name: Ida Rosen
Age: 15 (except in the beginning/prologue)
Appearance: Ocean Blue eyes, slightly wavy dark blond shoulder-length hair, her appearance sort of screams "happiness" all the time.
Personality: Ida is a sweet, friendly girl who mostly stays out of trouble. She is very shy towards people she doesn't know, but once you get to know her, she is really funny.
Muggle Born
House: Hufflepuff

Chapter 1

Prologue... Sort of... xD

Sirius' POV

In our first years at Hogwarts, we used to prank her. She was the kind of girl who always laughed it off, and moved on. I think that's why we became friends with her. She was the nicest girl we knew. Even though it took a while before ' we reached her '. The first time we actually talked to her, in our second year, she almost seemed terrified, and it took a while before we could actually make her talk back to us. But once she became less and less shy when we talked to her, I kind of developed a crush on her. I admit it. It was almost impossible ~not~ to have a crush on her! And in our third year she became our best friend! We even gave her a ' Marauder name '. Moon song. That was her name. Although we never actually told her that. The reason her name became Moon song was that she loved to sing (even though we've only been allowed to hear her once), and she actually walks out and sits down at the lake almost every night, just to look at the moon. And I have to admit, she nearly spotted us during one full moon, when we were dealing with Moony's cough fury little problem cough. But she didn't see us. Don't ask me how we manged to avoid her that night, because I sort of ' deleted ' that memory as quickly as I could. Anyway, Ida was the kind of person you just couldn't get mad at. Everyone just loved her, she helped anyone if they needed it, and she had a lot of friends. Until our fifth year began. We noticed that she, for the first time, sat alone in a compartment. I suggested that we should join her, but Wormtail didn't think that would be a great idea. So the three of us (Moony was a prefect) sat down in our usual compartment. Once we sat down in the Great Hall, I noticed that she was unusually quiet (I saw that her lips didn't move at all). So after out first lesson (DADA with the Hufflepuffs'), I asked her if something was wrong. She just shrugged it off and said that she needed to get her Divination books. Moony had Divination with her that year, and after the lesson he said that the teacher had ' seen ' that Ida had just had the most terrible loss, and she had stormed out of class. I later confronted her about it, but she just said that it didn't mean anything, and she walked away. Although I know that I saw a tear escaping her eye before she walked away. I told myself that she had told me the truth, that she was fine and nothing had happened. But I, and this doesn't happen very often, had wrong. It was the opposite of nothing.

AN Note: I know this was a really short chapter, but I'm really bad at prologues! Can you forgive me if I give you a cookie? (::) xD I promise, the next chapter will be longer! Ciao! =]

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