Mary Mary Quite Contrary

I will be honest Im not the best at grammar but hey atleast Im trying.
Ok so the main girls name is Marilynne Solan she is a fifeteen year old girl nd the rest you have to read to find out.

Chapter 1

Knocking At The Door Of Hell Mary

"C'mon Marilynne, don't be scared" A girl yelled from outside the barricaded door. Marilynnes mind raced with excuses but her mouth could form none. With all her might she wanted to turn on the light and run. "Do it with me" She yelled banging on the door. Marilynne was a shy, quiet girl. She's the kind of girl who makes straigh-A's in school, and never does anything without permission. So how did she get in this situation? Maybe it was because she was trying so hard to fit in at her friends, she lost herself along the way. She sighed as she looked at the unlite candle. "Ok we are coming in" Another girl said on the other side of the door. Slowly the door opened and three girls walked in, they were beautiful on the outside just as ugly as they are on the inside. First to enter was Kimmy was the leader of the "group", then her two minions Lily, and Belle followed "Mari I swear your such a chickenshit" Belle teased as she mindlessly twirled her hair with her fingers. "Enough, lets do this" Kimmy said lighting four candels, then they began to chant "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I believe in Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I believe in Bloody Mary" With each time chanting they turn clockwise, they countinued this for about seven more times. When they finally finished chanting they blew out the candle and waited..Nothing.. "I told you this was a scam" Lily said popping her gum nd looking around "Guys what is that?!" Marilynne screamed pointing in the mirror. "What?" they said looking closer "I don't see anything" Kimmy said looking at Marilynne. Marilynnes eyes widened as a glowing figured grew bigger and bigger then she saw her Blood Mary Marilynnes screams grew louder and louder as the figure grew closer. "TURN ON THE LIGHT!!" Lily screamed running towards the switch. When the lights finally flipped on Marilynne was already huddled in the floor with a tear stained face "What!? What did you see?" Kimmy screamed trying to pry the hands away from the fearful girl. "Help me!" Marilynne yelled as her friends ran to her side and tore her hands away. "" Belle gasped clasping her mouth. Scratches ran down marilynnes face, her eyes was bleeding, her chest was slashed open in various places. She was losing a vast amount of blood, at this rate Marilynne wouldn't survive inless she got intensive care. The three girls mind roamed to what they should do then Kimmy spoke up "Lets just go" Lily looked at her as if she had just saw lucifer himself "We can't just leave her, she will die" "We will be counted as murderers if the police show up, lets just go. Nobody will even know we were here." Kimmy said stepping away keeping her eyes on the almost lifeless body "I just, I can't" Belle said now with tears treading down her face "Kim your just in shock, you don't know what your saying!" Belle pleaded "I agree" Lily said standing up and backing away towards the door "we should leave before her parents get home" Kimmy nodded as she stared at Lily "Belle c'mon, we need to go now" They grabbed Belle by her arms "NO! We can't leave her!"


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