Things Left For Me To Say

Things Left For Me To Say

this is a poem i wrote and won a contest with

Chapter 1

Things Left For Me To Say

Things Left For Me to Say

I hadn’t seen you for years, that I regret
Wanted to see you so badly, I could not forget
But then you got sick, I was in another state
Waiting for the doctors to tell us your fate
My mother was upset, I was extremely mad
I didn’t worry about your disease, now I wish I had
An 8 year old girl I was when we last saw each other
Wanting you to give me a bear hug, making me smother
I was 13 years old when it got really bad
It made my mother cry, she was really sad
I had never lost any one I cared about before
But that’s what makes me want you more
I hated that word, wanted to stab it with a knife
That terrible disease, cancer, that took your life
My family was sad when they heard about you dying
At your funeral, every one could not stop crying
It’s not so bad now, though I miss you every day
Grandma, there are so many things left for me to say


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