Another Harry potter fanfic XD

Me and my friend have been thinking of doing something like this for a while so please enjoy XD

Chapter 3


"So me and Draco decided to go to Honeydukes instead. Isn't that great!" Pansy squealed on the train. I was one year older than her yet still she could pound me. Which made me frightened of her.
Im a very reserved person. I listen to music from the 40''s, usually dress in skirts and 40's styled clothes. Like today for instance. My skirt is up to my knees, I have on a short sleeved button down with a brown vest over it. I have black Oxford shoes and my hair modestly down. I dance ballet but stil I'm quite clumsy. I've never gone to a party and never been in trouble by a peer. Im a... Good girl. So all this talk with Pansy about boyfriends makes me wonder what her life is like.
"Ariel!" she cries for what must've been the hundredth time.
"oh what? I'm sorry pansy" I say. I was daydreaming. When I daydream I play a song in my head and imagine dancers. Ballet, contemporary anything. Just people opening up and feeling free. Something I could never be.
This time it was "Every tear drops a waterfall" by Coldplay.
"Ariel... So where were you?" Daphne Greengrass asks with a vicious smile.
"Oh just alone" I say looking down.
"Well Astoria said she saw you in a compartment with a... Weasley " she says. Pansy gasps and I go red.
"Is this true?!" Pansy cries.
"of coarse not! Pardon me I have to go to the bathroom" I lie and rush out.

over view
The feast went by smoothly. Remus Lupin was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
Ariel jumped from Pansy's side as soon as she finished and rushed out. George only saw her leave. Still oblivious to the facts she's a slytherin.

Geore's pov
"what's up Georgey?" Fred asks with a mouth full of food. I guess he saw me staring as she left.
"oh-uh nothing. How's the potatoes?" I ask glancing towards the door.
"oh what's her name!?" he says laughing.
"shut up!" I say pushing him
"is it that blonde? Uh ariel I think... Blonde, pretty." Charlotte buts in.
"I have no idea what your talking about" but for the rest of the night I couldn't stop thinking of her.

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