Another Harry potter fanfic XD

Me and my friend have been thinking of doing something like this for a while so please enjoy XD

Chapter 2


The pounding rain against my window woke me. But I was happy to be awake. Today was the day I was going back to Hogwarts. I quickly pulled on jeans, an abercrombie shirt and my favorite Victoria's Secret black sweatshirt. I smiled to myself as I pulled my hair into a ponytail. I never wear my hair down. Never. But nothing could ruin my good mood today. I heard my mom honk the horn, meaning she was already in the car, waiting for me. My mom usually never gets out of bed. When I was five, my dad died, then my brother when I was seven. She never really got over it, so she grieves in her room. I grabbed my bag, my cat, Fluffy (whose very fluffy) and my Nimbus 2000. Sure, it was nothing compared to the firebolt, but I liked my Nimbus. I played Chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team, and I wasn't bad. My mom honked the horn once more and I ran outside into the rain.

The train

When I emerged through the brick wall seperating the muggle world from platform 9 and 3/4, I heard the train whistle and saw that there was steam coming from the engine.
"Oh no!" I whispered under my breath. I ran onto the train right before it left the station. I found Luna, Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione almost immideatly.
"Hey" I said as I sat down. Hermione, Harry and Ron were in my year, Ginna and Luna are a year younger.
"Hi" They said.
Crookshanks came over to Fluffy and Fluffy started to purr. Me and Hermione both laughed. We always thought they had a thing for each other. They were always together while we were in classes. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Luna staring at me strangly.
"What?" I asked, giggling.
"The Nargles are telling me something" She said, speaking in a misty voice.
Harry and Ron looked at each other, but then looked away quickly, trying to keep a straight face.
Ginny did the best job of keeping herself from laughing.
"What are the nargles telling you Luna?" Said Ginny
"Something great is going to happen to Charlotte"
I laughed freely. "Okay. You think that."
Ron laughed and I grinned at him. Ron has always been my great friend, like the rest of the Weasleys. I always go to their house over Christmas break, sometimes over summer break too.
"Okay, I'm gonna go find Fred and George" I said standing up.
"Bye" harry said.
Fluffy lept in my arms and I carried her with me as I walked down the corridor. I looked in every compartment, but I knew it would take a while to find them. Finally, I saw a girl walking out of a compartment. She looked very familar. I knew she was in my year. Her name was Ariel..... I think. I peered in the compartment she just walked out of to see who was in there. And it was George. I smiled and walked in. George was my friend, but he was just my friend. George was awesome, but he was like my brother. Fred had been my boyfriend since first year. It was our four year anniversiry soon. December 25th, Christmas day. I would never forget that moment under the mistletoe. At the time I was excited because he was a year older. I never expected anything else to come out of that. But, never say never.
"Hi" I said to George.
"Hey" He said smiling. He gave me a hug and then sat back down.
"How was your summer?" i asked.
He shrugged "Alright. You?"
I smiled slightly. "Ok"
He grimaced.
"Where's your brother?" I asked
"I knew you would be just dying to see him" He said.
"Where is he?" I asked again.
"He's a few compartments down"
"Thanks! I'll see ya later" I said and ran from the compatment.
I kept peering into each compartment. And then I finally found him. He was sitting alone. I walked in a gleefully sat next to him
"Hey!" I said
He turned and his face broke into a smile "Hi!"
He lightly kissed me on the lips. Maybe this was the great thing that was going to happen to me.

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