Another Harry potter fanfic XD

Me and my friend have been thinking of doing something like this for a while so please enjoy XD

Chapter 1


"Sing sweet nightengale... sing sweet nightengale... high above me" She sang as she packed. Ariel's long blonde hair fell infront of her face as she blew it away annoyed. Whenever she was angry or annoyed, it was like kitten anger. Weak, gentile, quite humorous actually. he only glanced in the mirror before rushing to pack some more. She was one of the most beautiful many have seen, her mother despised her for this.
"ARIEL GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Her mother yelled form the stairs.
"Coming mother!" she replied in her small sing-song voice.

Ariel's POV
I finally finished packing! Ugh hair! Get out of my face! I lifted my trunk with my stick "spagetti" arms and dragged it from the room. Being the clumsy girl I am i nearly fell down the stairs but managed to only stumble past two. The Portkey was on the table. My mother didn't even look at me, defiantly not say goodbye. Why should she... I'm worthless.... I grabbed on the old boot and was transported to the train stop. I saw some familiar faces, some panicked ones. Sirius Black was found missing and everyone was on edge.
"Ariel! Good! Come on you have to get a seat next to me" Pansy said rushing up to me.
"Actually Pansy, do you mind if I sit by my self for a while" Wow, I've never stood up to Pansy before. She gives me a disgusted look.
"Be by me 20 minutes to Hogwarts" she says and struts off. I need a break after break from Pansy. I sit in a random compartment and continue
"Sing sweet nightengale, sing weet nightengale, oh how I love you," I sing lightly so no one can hear.

Over all
"We ned to split up so he can't catch us!" George says running down the corridor with Fred.
"Yeah how could they know it was us?!" Fred said regarding their latest prank on the Slytherins. George shrugs and makes a sharp turn while Fred keeps straight. He bombards into a compartment he though was empty.
"Sing sweet nightengale sing sw-" Ariel stopped quickly when she heard someone bombard in.
"Excuse me do you mind?" He breaks at the end. Like many, taken back by Ariel's voice, and face.
"No not all" she says softly and squeezes herself next to her trunk. George sits across from her.
"I haven't seen you around before. I'm George, George Weasley. You" he says holding gout his hand. She extends her dainty long fingered hand.
"Ariel" she says simply.
"You have a very nice voice" he says smiling. She goes blood red and he laughs.
"How was you summer?" she asks after a short silence.
"It was alright" he smiles. She does too.
"And yours?" her smile slowly fades remembering the beatings....
"Fine" she says quickly.
"How old are you Ariel?" he asks
"14.. your 15 right?" she says.
"How'd you know that?" he asks surprised.
"Your quite famous Mr.Weasley." she says with a laugh. He laughs with her. Before they knew it they had talked almost the whole train ride again. They laughed and chatted, it was so easy, Ariel had never talked like that before.
That's when she noticed it was 20 minutes till the end of the train ride. If she was late Pansy would go looking for her. And wouldn't she be... pleased with what she would see.
"Oh my I have to go" she says standing and collecting her things.
"Oh! oh.." he says slightly disappointed.
"Goodbye George" She says and rushes out. He kicks himself for not finding out what house she's in. He walked out of the compartment to find his brother....

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