Crash And Burn (Busted Story)

Crash And Burn (Busted Story)

I had the insperation while listening to Crash and Burn so, I decided to type it up. I love Busted as well as McFly as many people who have seen my profile recently will tell, and I'm writing a story for each of them. My McFly story is The story before Fantastic Five. Please read any that you are interested in and leave comments. Thank you. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

School, Oh Joy

My name is Sarah Willoughby. Im 16 years old and I have a sister who is seventeen. My sister and I couldnt be more different. She has thick, curly, blonde hair with blue eyes and I have straight, brown hair with brown eyes. Shes the most popular and beautiful girl in school. Me? Im the girl with one friend and brains. All my sister cares about is looks, guys and money. She wont date a guy unless he has a very nice car and lots of money. I have never had a boyfriend though. I dont care about the money and the cars. As long as hes a genuinly nice guy, I dont care. Its not that Ive never been asked out by a guy. No, I get asked out all the time. Its just that theyre all the rich guys who are trying to get at my sister or someone my sister sets me up with. I hate them all. I mean, just because you have a nice car and more money than other people, that doesnt mean youre better than them. Thats why I always say no. My best friends name is Lara Jenkins. She has straight black hair and green eyes. Shes really pretty and fashionable yet, she still hangs around with me. Shes really funny too, though Im told that Im funnier. She´s always coming up with new trends and setting them off. She does have a boyfriend. His name is Jake Brennan. Hes quite a nice guy and I really like him, though not in that way. Hes a great match for Lara and he sometimes hangs out with the both of us or hes with the guys. What I like about him is that, hes not one of the posers, you know? He doesnt have much money and he doesnt have a car but, hes not pretending to be something that hes not. Now, my family. My mum is great. I get my brown hair from her and my eyes from my dad. She's the kind of mum that I know I can always go to with my problems. Shes always there to listen. The only thing is, she doesn´t know how to stand up for herself. Shes always getting pushed around by my dad and she doesnt say anything. Thats another thing. My dad. Thats where my sister gets her personality from. Thinking you're better than everyone else and always wanting the best you can get. My family is rich, I wont deny that but, its only my dad and my sister that cares really. They want all the flashy cars and big houses and all that jazz. My father is also the type that is very picky when it comes to his daughters boyfriends. He hasnt said no to any of my sisters yet though. He likes them all because theyre rich, stuck up twits. I hated them all so, I doupt hell ever approve any of mine. When I get one that is. It's June right now, which means only just over a month until we break up for the summer holidays. I can't wait. I love the summer. Me and Lara will find something to do every day, unless she's with Jake, and we always have loads of fun. The weather is starting to get a lot warmer now and I go to one of the very few schools that let you wear whatever you want so, Lara has made it her mission to give me a summer make-over. Right now I'm wearing this :
Apparently, I have nice legs. Honestly, I beg to differ but, Lara insists so I wont argue. It's lunch time right now and I just walked into the canteen with Lara to see a poster on the wall. Summer Nights Disco and the Good-bye Disco. One would be in about a week, for basically the whole school and then The good-bye disco is for the year 11's and 6th former's. That would be in the last week of school. I groaned while Lara became very excited. "How can you like those things?" I asked her. "How can you not?" She retorted. "Oh, yes. Because a disco is the perfect place to forget the fact that your single." I whisper-shouted back. She rolled her eyes at me and dragged me over to a lunch table. "Hey Jake." I said as he walked up behind Lara. "Oh, I was gonna scare her." He whined. "I know, thats why I said ´Hey Jake´. I didnt feel like getting sprayed with food. Again." I replied, giving a pointed look to Lara. "That was one time!" She complained. "Mhm, and Im never gonna let you forget it." I told her. "Meany." She mumbled. "What?" I asked, even though I heard her. I wanted to see if shed repeat it. "Nothing." She replied. Me and Jake shared a look and rolled our eyes. "Right, I am going to dress you for the disco." Lara declared, as if I had no choice. Which I probably don´t. "Im not your barbie doll." I complained. "Yes, you are. Or at least until you can dress yourself." She countered. "Theres nothing wrong with the way I dress." I protested. "Not right now there isnt, because I have given you a make-over but, I dread to think what youd wear to a disco. Probably jeans and a t-shirt." I rambled to herself. "Oi!" I replied. Jake was laughing the whole time. "You might as well give up now sarah. You wont win." He told me. "True." I answered. "Does that mean your gonna let me?" Lara asked. "Yes, I suppose so." I answered and she squealed before giving me a hug. This was going to be a long week.


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