Stargazer~ A Sirius Black (and the Marauders) Tale

Stargazer~ A Sirius Black (and the Marauders) Tale

This is another Marauders love story, for Sirius. this is when they are still at hogwarts, and there is no peter because he sucks. Please comment, the box doesnt bite, i promise ;D


Chapter 1

character info

Lyli (prunounced Lily)~
Age: same as marauders
House: Gryffindor
Looks: straight blonde hair, curvy, bright blue eyes (Girl in picture)
Remus's twin, animigus is a white/silver wolf,became animigus when Remus became a werewolf
Dislikes: Slytherines Bullys Discrimination
Likes: most things, Pranking

The Rest of the Marauders are the same as always

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the real first chapter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I looked around in awe. Then I noticed the time, the Hogwarts Express was supposed to leave in five minutes. My brother, Remus Lupin, had left early to "get a good compartment," but I had accidently slept in late. By the time I got on the train, it had actually started moving. Sighing, I looked for Rem, and found him in a compartment reading and ignoring two other boys. I was about to leave when Remus looked up from his book and noticed me. He patted the seat next to him and I sat down. The two boys still hadn't noticed me and I got bored, so I took out my sketch book, tore out two pages, made the pieces into balles and threw them at the boys. Both of them jumped when they got hit, and looked around in annoyance. "Hi," I exclaimed,"I'm Lyli and the bookworm over there is my twin, Remus. Who are you?"

The boy with the messy brown hair and glasses said, "I'm Jamed Potter." Then he quickly introduced the boy next to him as Sirius Black. "What house do you want to be in?" James asked.

"I want to be in Gryffindor," Sirius said, "But my whole family has been in Slytherin." I could tell he wanted to break that 'tradition.'

"I want to be in Gryffindor," I said when they looked at me, "But ravenclaw sounds good too."

When we all looked at Rem, all he said was, "Ditto." The rest of the train ride was uneventful. I got to know James and Sirius while Remus read. After about an hour, we got to Hogwarts. When I found out we had to ride in boats, I freaked out and clung to Remus's arm. I am terrified of the water. Fortunatley, the boat ride was short, and soon we were in the Great Halll. I was put in Gryffindor with Remus, James, Sirius, and a girl named Lily.

The next morning, I went down to the lake with James Sirius and Remus. Remus was grouchy, but that was because the full moon was tomorrow night. The boys and I spent the day outside, going in only for meals. The next day was the same, except that after dinner, Remus and I went to the Shrieking Shack. Watching Remus shift was unbearable, so I turned into my animigus form, a silver wolf, and sat in a corner till he was a werewolf. Then we had a huge fight to gain dominance. I won, like always, and soon we snuggled up together and fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Remus was looking out the window in human form. I barked in greeting, and he smiled, until he saw my leg. It was all scratched and would require stitches. I shoved Remus out the door so I could turn human and get changed. When I got done, we walked out the door and back to Hogwarts, through the Womping Willow. I only made it half way before everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital wing. Remus sleeping in the bed next to me, but the nurse said I could leave. I walkeed into the common room and James and Sirius rushed over to me. They both hugged me and didn't ask questions, even about my leg, so I knew I looked bad. When I got free of them, I went up to my dorm and fell asleep. The next time I woke up, all three of them were crowded around my bed. When they noticed I was awake, all of them crowded me.

"What happened?" Sirius exclaimed. James nodded and Remus sat to the side looking ashamed of himself.

"I was out in the wood and got attacked by an animal. Before you ask, I don't know what kind of animal." Not getting the answer they wanted, James and Sirius asked me alot of questions, and many of the same just phrased different ways. I knew I didn't convince any of them, but for their own safety, al least in Remus's mind, James and Sirius coulldn't know the truth.

A/N: Well what did you think? Is it any good? I would like 5 comments for a new chapter, but if i get bored i will post whenever. please message me with any ideas, friend requests or anything.


P.S. How do you type in bold, italic, and red? If you know, please tell me. I mean the info isnt top secret is it? ;D

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