Things I Hate. :)

These are the things I hate. V v V v V

Chapter 2

Teens Casually Talking About Drugs, etc.

What. The. Fvck.
Seriously?!? How the hell are you just going to sit there, randomly talking about how you really wanna smoke some weed, or how you drink a lot and always need to pee? What the hell, guys?!?! What is up with teens these days??? Always talking about parties and getting high?
cue song "young, wild, and free"
Wow. I really dont get it. Somebody please explain. Im just sitting here in my math class, and all I hear is, "Oh yeah, we always throw up at my parties."
"I really wanna smoke some weed."
"I dont smoke, I only drink."
You people disgust me. You have your ENTIRE life to make mistakes that fvck up your future! Most people do that when theyre middle aged! Not when youre a teenager. I dont care how safe you think it is. I dont care what your friends say or do. And I surely dont give flying motherfuckingFUCK if you say you need it to go on with life. Get an actuall hobby!!! Make GOOD friends!!! Leave the people who only wanna hang out with you because you look "good" or have the things they want!!! Your just gonna wind up all alone, in prison, or dead.
Well, that was my rant! ^^ see you again in mah Hate Box soon! :D

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