Why Is Love Ever So Complicated?

Lizzie and Sandi go to a Michael Jackson concert and get to meet the one and only Michael Jackson on stage!


Chapter 1

Getting Prepared

Today was a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly on the parked cars blinding me as the windows reflected the suns morning rays. I put my sunglasses on and walked on down the street to my best friends house.
I was super excited. In just a few days, we would be going to a Michael Jackson concert! I have always wanted to see him in person, singing and dancing on stage. I have played his new CD so many times that it wasnt even funny. And the best thing was, we were going on Lizzies birthday.
Lizzie opened the door just as I was about to knock.
"Girl you look like you just came from Hollywood! You got the big sunglasses and the overcoat!" she laughed.
"You ready to go?" I asked laughing.
"DUH!! Shopping and to find an amazing outifit to wear to the concert!" she said in a sing song voice.
We hopped into her car and she turned on the engine. The radio started to play Off The Wall.
We both screamed and turned up the radio and started jamming out to the music. We moved to the beat as if it were natural part of our being. We had spent so many long hours making up our own dance routines to Michael Jacksons songs that it was hard not to dance when one of his songs came on.
The song ended and Lizzie and I both looked at eachother and laughed.
"OMJ I am so excited!" she squeaked.
I laughed.
"Girl, your gonna faint as soon as he comes out on stage." I said laughing.
"Pssh! Whatever. I already told myself I am not gonna faint. I am not allowed to. Even if he calls me up there to dance with him." her excitement caught in her throat.
She looked at me with an ear to ear smile.
We both started laughing again.
She pulled the car into a parking spot and we ran into the mall like excited little children.
We spent the whole day trying on clothes just to find the perfect outfit. Finally I tried on a pair of dark blue flared jeans and a black low cut shirt that had rips in the front that showed the green undershirt. I walked out of the fitting room.
Lizzie walked out with a green shirt that exposed her shoulders, the sleeves went to the middle of the arm just above her elbow. She had faded dark jeans.
Lizzie looked at me. We both smiled and then nodded at eachother giggling.
These were our outfits for the concert.

Authors note: Sorry so short. I hoped you all liked this chapter. I am sure Lizzies is gonna be better than mine.

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