Hi friend, will u read my Poem?

Hi friend, will u read my Poem?

Something I want to share

Chapter 1

To that backstabber

To all the ones who hated me.
To all those who said they befriend me
What was it that made you turn against me?
What did I do to make it rain on your parade?

You bully and truly are famed for it
The knife in my back is deep
The blood from my body leaks
All the world cheering you on

To lie here under you is all I can do
To stay here for your fame
I can be your step stool to that fame
I can help you with that shame

All the while I keep my eyes clear of tears
I’ll keep you alive more than I
Let the evil sing me a lullaby
Beat and curse me from behind

In time you shall fail
The time of your hideous nature will come to an end
I will rise from defeat
I will then see your weak

You will plead
You will then be freed
You will want me back
You will gain nothing

Fall you will
Fall into nothing
Fall into the depths of your evil ways
Fall and fall until you cannot fall no more


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