Dark Writings : A Collection Of Poems

Chapter 1

A TRUE Introduction

A lot of you enjoy my poems; mostly the long ones that I do, though some enjoy the short ones more.
So, as I laid in my bed last night, unable to sleep due to a certain puppy named Batman barking, a small thought, that soon turned into a huge thought popped up into my head.
What if I were to put all of my poems and more in on place?
It certainly would be easier for people to find their favorites poem(s) of mine, with them being in the same place.
Now, you might be wondering; why Dark Writings as a name?
Well, pretty much all of my poems are based of morbid, evil things and Dark Writings is a pretty catchy name. Therefore, Dark Writings.
So, now that I have explained what this little thing is, you might be wondering;
Will I be putting just my old poems on here or newer ones?
I will be putting both, older ones first then slowly adding newer ones. Every time you recieve the little invite to read this, it means I have added new poems.
So please; enjoy the place where I will post all of my poems! Don't you agree that this is much easier to find then searched through my whole list of stories?

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