OMG So shocking please help :(

Chapter 1

WTF's wrong with her?

So i was looking at the MSN thingy for friends to chat with, when they told me that my friend named Gina changed her profile avatar or watever they call it. Gina is, or after this, was my bffffffffff and we couldn't live without each other but now i looked at the pic and it was a picture of her smiling and names of the ppl she thought as besties so i looked for my name and couldn't find it! Is she lying at me when she told me that i am her fave friend? So i told her "Thanks for not putting my name" and she was like "I forgot you!!!!" JUST TELL ME WHAT KIND OF FRIEND FORGETS HER FAVE FRIEND?! and guess what? next week same thing happened. Should i stop being her friend? Help!!!


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