VioxShadow's Contest

NOTE I will not be adding any new chapters to this. This was just a short story for the contest, and the idea took me about a week. Sorry if you thought this would turn into something bigger.

Chapter 1


The full moon hung high in the sky, showing that it was midnight. The air was slightly chilly, although that was to expected in the late summer, when winter was coming slowly. A gently breeze flows through the forest, shaking the trees slightly, making ripples in a near by pond. The sounds of crickets, frogs and other creatures fill the night, making it a bit louder then it really should be. A small figure sits in a tree limb, her white-blond hair going past her waist. She wears a plain, white night gown and upon her head is a flight helmet with googles. The most interesting thing is her eyes, which are electric blue and do not fit her pale frame. This girls name is Neno and the reason she is out here, in a tree, in the middle of the woods is...well, unknown. Neno sits there, looking at the scenery around her, enjoying the fresh air. She smiles, showing razor sharp, blood stained teeth, most likely from drinking blood so much from a fresh victim. Neno was never big on blood from a bag. She sniffs the air, sighing lightly before jumping down from the tree, landing gracefully on the ground with a small thud. Walking over to the water, her hips swaying from side to side, she looks down at her reflection. Pushing back some of her hair behind her shoulders, she sighs, frowning.
"How...lonely..." she mumbles to herself, a small saddness in her usually excited eyes.
Glancing around, she decides it is time to hunt. Earlier, she ran into a man, around his twenties, who was camping. Neno had told him that she was there with her parents, although this was, of course, a huge lie; Nenos parents had died years ago from a vampire hunter.
Skipping off through the dark woods, Neno hummed lightly, smiling slightly.
"I wonder..." she mussed to herself. "If he will be a struggle?"
"It would be a nice change..." she mumers aloud, although not seeming to notice.
Neno stopped suddenly, sniffing the air. The smell of a campfire filled her nose, signaling that she was close. Walking very softly, as to not make a sound, she closed the distance between her and the campsite. Peering behind a tree, she saw her target.
The man sat on the ground, unaware of being watched, watching the fire he had just made a few minutes ago. A brown tent was behind him and he had dark circles under his brown eyes. His hair, which looked to be blond, had small sticks in it, from hiking. In all, he looked pretty tired.
Neno frowned.
"No fight..." she guess inside her head, slightly dissappointed.
Circling around the camp, she ended up behind the tent, extremely close to the man. For a few moments, she just stood there, staring at him, battling whether or not he would run and there would be a chase, or if he would be so terrified that he would just become paralyzed. Neno decided that there was only one way to find out.
Running up quickly, Neno hissed loudly, tackling the man. He screamed, falling forward and turning around quickly. Neno grinned, her teeth out fully, showing her true nature as a vampire.
"N-no! Get off!" the man screamed, shoving at her limbs.
Neno could barley feel the pushs, as the man was so weak from the hiking. Slashing her long nails across his face, the man groaned deeply, three scratchs across his face bleeding. Having no fun with this and being terribly hungry, Neno leaned down quickly, biting into his neck, feeling the flesh break underneath her teeth.
The man screamed loudly, although, half way it was cut off. He slowly started to go limp and Neno decided that she would drink this ones blood as much as she wanted.
The blood tasted sweet in her mouth, flowing in with ease. She could feel some of it dripping out of her mouth, onto her dress, but didn't mind. She could always get new clothes and wash up. For awhile, Neno could feel the mans heartbeat, once so strong, now growing weak. She knew it was best not to let a person go free, but Neno would like to keep him as, if you will.
Pulling away, just before the man passed, she stared down at him. He was obviously still alive. Neno got up, walking over to a small puddle of water and looked down. Blood was all down her chin and the front of her once stainless dress. Sighing, she turned and looked at the man, slightly annoyed with him, even though it wasn't his fault. She sat down by the fire, poking it with a stick for awhile.
Then, with relief, Neno noticed the man starting to move, groaning. He opened his eyes, saw her, and screamed, backing up against a tree.
"Who- What are you?! What did you do to me?!" he yelled at her.
Neno frowned, not used to being called a "what".
"I am a vampire; Neno is my name. Instead of letting you pass into the after life, I have decided to keep you as my blood pet. I will feed off you whenever I wish."
Neno watched as the man starred at her in disbelief.
"You have no choice in the matter." she said, walking over to him and leaning down next to him. "You..."
She smiled sweetly, innocently. Neno was already very excited.
"You are my blood source."


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