HOUSE BLEW UP!!! :) for more info man! :D

HOUSE BLEW UP!!! :) for more info man! :D

hi yes so yeah it was NOT my house that blew up just so you know that i was OK! :D sigh great relief :D now what the hell are you doing up here??? go down there and read the fvcking story!!!!

Chapter 1

NOT MY HOUSE.......on down the street!

ok let me start from the beginning! i was having a dinner party and my family and friends were eating dinner outside, we had just finished packing things away when a HUGE explosion rocked the floor! WE outside were like WTF was that, but the people inside didn't believe us, they thought we were CRAZY!! which we are, but we are NOT liars! :) A few minutes down the line I heard sirens! so i ran up the stairs to have a look, and i saw tons of flashing lights and big trucks, so i did what any AWESOME person would do and begged my mother to drive down the street. by the time we got there, there was already and crowd. we found some one who and run into the house to help, he told us that the car in the garage just BLEW UP! for no reason, and that the dude was in the house and was splintered with SHRAPNEL! from the blast, and also had 2nd degree burns on his body! there were 2 FIRETRUCKS, 4 AMBULANCES, 3 PARAMEDIC CARS...and 3 sercurity cars! they managed to stablize him, so he might be ok, we don't know yet.....please pray if you can! i'm telling you it will help! and thanks for your support! :) I JUST HAD TO TELL ALL MY AWESOME QUIBBLO FRIENDS!!! :DD XOXOXOX I LOVE YOU GUYS! :P


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