~Give Your Heart A Break~

Okay, let me just say everything you read here may or may not be true. And possibly they could just be dreams. I warning you now, that you are entering the mind of a seventeen year old artist. No, not a drawing artist but an artist of imagination and creativity oh and don't forget love.

Chapter 1

Lesson 1: Being in love with the idea of love can make you blind.

by: Chuckk
Maybe I should have no say in this topic but this is my damn story; so sit down and listen for once. Turn down the music you're playing, turn the tv off, shut your mouth and just listen. Listen to the world. Now shut your eyes for just a breif moment and continue reading.
You are probably like, was that necessary? And it was. Very. Because everything I'm about to tell you, I want you to think real deep about. Why you may ask? Because it's my turn to talk. I love how people complain how no one listens to them yet, they're the most horrible listeners. But that's not what this story is about maybe I should get to that now.
So, love is our topic, or being in love with the idea of love to be exact. Like I said before perhaps I have no right to talk about this....but I'm going to. Honestly, I've never been in love before nor do I think I can fall in love yet. I mean, I haven't even experienced life to it's max, for crying out loud. But that doesn't stop me from having my opinions of love.
Personally, I categorize love into three types: lovey love, ready-to-die love, and lover's love. But there is another. Being in love with the idea of love. I think everyone has been there at least a couple times. Those feelings when you like being in a relatonship with someone but you don't love them as you should, but you think you do.
You think that they are your world, you'd die for them, you'd do anything to keep them happy. Better yet, let me show you rather than tell you. People say seeing is believing ayways.

Archer grabbed my hand one last time as I tried to hurry away. I looked back and saw his adorable smile sitting on his perfect face. Before I knew it, I was in his arms once more. He held me so tight that I almost lost my balance. But I was more focused on his face to even notice.
His hands reached up to cup my face I grew breathless. I felt my whole body get hotter the closer his lips got to mine. His breath was warm and careful. Finally his full lips embraced mine with a soft sad goodbye. Every time we left each other it was like this, intense.
He pulled away from our kiss and stared at me with his brown eyes. I couldn't help but to blush and look away. But he pulled my attention back to him by using his finger to guide my chin. I looked up at him once again, defeated.
"Now, you can go to class," Archer grinned.
I made a gentle giggle and kissed him just one more time, just for the go. Then I pulled away and walked backwards slowly, "I'll see you later."
"Hopefully sooner than later," he laughed as he pushed his short light brown hair back.
I finally turned on my heel and made my way to history. With each step, the smile that stole my lips, got wider. I couldn't help myself. I still felt my heart pounding hard. I didn't think it would stop anytime soon. The bell rang and my heart jumpped out my chest from fear. I bolted.
Mr. Kelvin was going to kill me for being late again. And if he could have it his way, it would be legal to kill tardy students. As soon as I made it to his doorway he gave me the evil eye, "Oh, Ms. Murphy thanks for finally joining us."
I took my seat as fast as I could and opened my text book to the page listed on the board. I got to work quickly with my paper and pen.
I looked over my shoulder to find my friend Jessica pointing to a piece of paper on the floor. I grabbed it.
Going to Ashley's party tonight?
I scribbled yes and threw it back. Jess caught it in mid air and with momentum replied and threw it back.
Bringing Archer? ;)
I blushed at just the sight of his name. I wrote back: No, he's bringing me. ;)
The rest of class was history, no pun intended. Actually, I'm going to fast forward things just a little.

''After Ashley's party~''

The ride home was filled with a killer silence. I couldn't even lay my eyes on Archer. Anger was burning in my throat and it was waiting on me to burst. I didn't want to though. I was too mad to even say anything. But the more my mouth was shut, my body began to shake and twich. The anger was fighting me but its battle was interupted.
"Look, I'm sorry, okay? Can we not be mad about this!" Archer blurted.
"Oh, of course not, Archie," I sassed.
"Really? Wow. Biitch much?"
"I'm a biitch for being angry with a douche who told everyone I pelt with him?!"
"I don't see the big deal. We are going to do it sometime," he took his one hand off the wheel and grabbed mine. I pulled my hand away quickly as possible.
"No we weren't. Why can't you ever listen and repect me? You know how I feel about that! You never listen though, you care more about your damn football team and your hair more than your girlfriend! Or now should I say EX GIRLFRIEND!" I yelled.
Suddently he stopped the car, "Get the fvck out."
I stared at him amazed. He couldn't be telling me this! But those goregous brown eyes I loved were more serious than ever.
I did as I was told and watched his black SUV drove away with my understanding of love....or what I thought was love.

Later I realized we were in love with the idea of love. So in love with it, we were blind. So blind that we didn't even realize we didn't really even like each other or have much in common. But that's not even the worst part...

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