Complicated (Dahvie vanity love story)

Complicated (Dahvie vanity love story)


Chapter 1


by: Sarah1018
~~~~~Sarahs P.O.V~~~~~
Crap my parents caught me coming home at 3 AM and they kicked me out. So i called my brother Andy Sixx Right away.
~~~our convo~~~
Me:i need a favor
Andy:did mom n dad kick u out again
Me:u read my mind so u prob know im gonna say this i need a place to stay
Andy:ok get over here
Me:im coming over now
~end of convo~
with andy
"Guys we need to talk" All the guys ran down stairs as soon as i said that
"whats up?" dahvie asked "ok my lil sis is coming here to stay for a while so none of u try to pull anything with her k?" "no fair" Dahvie frownded* i rolled my eyes and said " i mean it Dahvie!" Fine god". hears knock on door "there she is" I ran to the door to see my little sis all grown up i looked shockedO_O "can i come in?" she asked "yeah sis" i gave her a big hug along with the other guys exept dahvie. She looked at Dahvie he was staring at her. So i snapped my fingers in front of his face
~dahvies P.O.V~
DAMM i didnt expect his sis to look like that this is gonna make my promise harder to keep. I saw her give me a odd look so i said "ohhh sorry" and hugged her. And then here comes Jayy with his watermelon blow pop he saw her n his eyes got big too o_O.But he snapped out of it and hugged her.Then there was silence."So we r going on tour tomorrow" "really ANDY U COULDNT TELL ME?!?!" She looked at him n yelled then punched his arm. "OWWW" Andy screached.
Back to sarah's P.O.V~
I cant believe he couldnt tell me!! "Well then im going to the mall n shopping anyone wanna come with?" Dahvie n Jayys arms shot up. I couldnt help but giggle."ok Then get ready slow pokes" Dahvie and Jayy ran up the stairs. "can i talk to you?" andy asked "sure" i replied We both walked to the music room "so what do u want" i asked "look u need to beware of Dahvie n Jayy"
"why whats wrong with them?" i asked again "they are players"he responded
"im not gonna do nothing ur so overprotective!" I screached. Dahvie and jayy ran down the stairs. "ready!" they both said. Ok we went out to the car and drove to the mall. As soon as we got in i ran to hot topic. I picked out a short dress and went into the dressing room. "crap! Dahvie!!!!!" I yelled "yeah?" " i need ur help can u zipp this dress up for me?"
Dahvies P.O.V~
CRAP CRAP CRAP! How am i spossed to keep my promise to andy when his sis is trying on short dresses and making me zip them?!?!?!

It will get better! I will write more tomorrow!

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