The Trial of Two: Quest For Death

This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanficion co-written by therobberduck521 and myself, WiseGirl1997. It takes place after the Prophecy of the Seven is fufilled. We own nothing of the series other than our own characters Veara Mason and Rosemary Eleshire. Enjoy and please comment!!

Chapter 1

Capture the Flag With Deadly Weapons!

by: Harper_
"Stick to the plan!" Annabeth hissed quietly in my ear. I nodded to show my obedience. Speaking would give away her invisible position. 
"Remember you run straight for the flag then swerve. We don't need another hero." Once more I nodded to my half-sister Annabeth, who was also the head of the cabin. 
When she tapped my shoulder I dashed out of hiding quickly.  My small lithe frame working to my advantage. I narrowly avoided an arrow from an Apollo camper. The teams were fairly even. Athena who sided with Ares, Diyonosus, and Hephastus. Then it was Poesidion, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, and all the smaller cabins. Okay I lied. We were screwed. 
I darted through the trees, the flag was now within view. Then I got clotheslined. With a much painful OOMF I dropped to my knees. Annabeth's words ''stick to the plan'', echoed through my mind. I stumbled to my feet, my long hunting knives, wickedly sharp, in my palms. I looked around, locating my opponent. 
There. I had found her. A girl about sixteen, my age, though she had a good three inches on me. Her black hair was jagged with blue and bronze streaks. She lunged at me with a marbled and obviously very powerful sword. I squeaked and ducked out of the way. I rolled under her legs and started running in the same direction as before. Sadly that looked as if I was going for the flag. I ran with all my might, but  I was too late. The plan failed. I was supposed to attract the other teams attention away so Annabeth could snatch the flag. The girl. I had finally placed her name, Veara, came at me again. With a violent blow she narrowly missed my side. I kicked up against her chest and pushed her back. I was fighting like a hellcat but she was stronger. I tuned in to my surroundings. Hearing every arrow whiz from a vibrating bow string. The rustle of leaves. The metallic clang of slashing swords. I turned to run again. Then I heard the whoops. It looked like Percy had gotten the flag. He leaped over onto the enemy lines and the game was over. A conch sounded the end of the game and we all crowded back around Percy. I was slightly limping. I took my helmet off and shook my hair, shampoo commercial style.  I hung back. After all it was my fault we lost. I saw Leo emerge from the forest. He was soping wet. 
"Why Leo. ''Why'' do you look like a drowned kitten?" Annabeth asked. She then took his teeth chattering as a ,''don't ask''.  
"Okay campers! Poesidion won!! Time to head back to the cabins." Chiron announced. A few more jubilant cries erupted as the crowd dispersed. Leo walked off muttering about being shoved into the water. I sighed and kicked some rocks as I walked. I still felt like it was my fault. 
I was so involved at watching my feet I didn't seem to notice there was someone in front of me. Or that I was about to run into them head on. Oops. Too late. I already had. 
"Sorry!" I exclaimed as I fell back. The guy turned around and my heart lept into my throat. ''Of course!'' It ''had'' to be him. Travis Stoll. I had been in love with him for about three years. Ever since I had gotten here when I was thirteen. His blue eyes studied me carefully. 
"Oh, it's okay. Rosemary, right?" He outstretched an arm to help me up. I gratefully accepted his offer and got up to my feet. I dusted myself off. I knew my face was bright red. 
"Yeah. Thats me." We both trailed back and walked side by side.
"So congrats on your win!" I unenthusiastically said to Travis. He shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded. 
"Connor and I got stuck in a Hephasteus trap" he shuddered. I barley hid a giggle at that. I heard a loud crunch and whirled around. Knife in hand. It was Veara and Leo. They were arguing heatedly about something. 
"They seem pretty píssed. Should we do anything?" Travis asked. I shook my head no. 
"Nah, they'll be fine!" I secretly wanted to speak to Travis a bit longer. As we neared the cabins I was positivley giddy. I noticed every little detail of my surroundings. 
"Well...erm, I gotta run." I anxiously ran my hand through my honey gold hair. I darted off to cabin six as quick as I could. 
"Talk to you later Rosemary!" Travis shouted. He had a mischevious and reckless look about him. I blushed and ran into the Athena cabin. I dived under the covers and buried my burning face in my pillow. Annabeth laughed at me. 
"Just admit you like him and save yourself the pain." She didn't even look up from her architecture book. I rolled my eyes. 
"Took you two five years!" I retorted. My voice muffled from the pillow. 
"Okay, okay I have no room to speak. It's lights out anyway." She announced. Everyone grumbled and put our stuff up. 
As I drifted off to sleep I had four things on my mind. The loss, Veara, Travis, and the gnawing feeling something bad would happen.            

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