You're Not Alone: A Harry Potter Love Story

You're Not Alone: A Harry Potter Love Story

Hey! This is my first ever HP....anything.. so tell me what you think! I hope you guys like it! Comment!!!!! xD It's starts at the 3rd book and goes on from there. I'm not sure how far I'll go, but enjoy it! At the end of almost every chapter there will be a link to a song or just song lyrics there. They'll usually match with the chapter so keep watch for those!

Chapter 1

Character Info

Name: Isabella Montgomery
Info: American, but her mom wanted her to go to wizarding school, so they moved. She went to Beauxbatons for her first two years but then got expelled. They move to Britain and she gets accepted into Hogwarts. Rebel child. Slacker. In the third year, but since she's new she has to be housed with the first years. Placed in Gryffindor. Ends up being friends with Hermione, Ron, Harry (especially!!! xD), Neville & Ginny. She really hates Draco Malfoy.
How she met Harry: The Knight Bus. She went to the Leaky Cauldron a little bit before term started. They talk a little and then meet again at Hogwarts.

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