Extra Fat

It started out innocently enough. A pack of gum and a girl. Who knew what it would grow into?

Chapter 1

The Innocent Beginning

I- Fiona Dean- am fat. And this is how it all began........

"Fiona!" I jumped up from my chair and bounded down the steps. "Mom!"
"Someone at work gave me this pack of gum. I don't chew, so you can have it." I smilled and pockted it. "Thanks!" We sat down for dinner- chinese take-out. After I scarfed mine down, I bounced up the stairs to my room. I plopped down on my bed, took the gum out of my pocket, I popped three in my mouth. I chewed for a while. "It's good gum mom! Night!" I called down. I pulled on my size small- I always was skinny- pajamas and climbed into bed.

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