Junk of the Heart    ~James and Lily~

Junk of the Heart ~James and Lily~

Basically I was trying to find James adn Lily for the hell of it and didn't which probebly has something to do with more of my bad finding skills -I'm no Hufflepuff- than existance but you never know.
So here is James and Lily. Told from the brain of an egotistical marauder.

Chapter 1


“No,” she told him for the millionth time today.
James was used to get rejected by her.
Lily Evans, the reason for his very existence. Her red hair, her emerald green eyes ready to make any guy stop dead and stare at her beauty. Her brilliant mind.
Great he’d lost his mind and turned into a swooning girl all because of Miss. Evans.
“Come on,” he said dashing up next to her. “One date.”
“Hmm let me just,” she stopped and turned to face him, thinking it over. Just for a second James got his hopes up. “NO!”
She sauntered away from him rushing off to join on her friends on the train.
“Oh yeah, she wants me,” James told himself while running a hand through his messing black hair.
He was sixteen years old and still could never manage to get the girl of his dreams.
Maybe next year would be an improvement.

I’m not exactly a first chapter person but hopefully it wasn’t completely crap.

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