Boy Next Door (Niall Horan Love Story)

Boy Next Door (Niall Horan Love Story)

A mystery guy moves in next door. I wonder what happends....

(btw this is written by two different people so, um ...yh!)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Bring bring bring bring 
You hit at your alarm falls hard into the floor - its probably broken but at least it shut up!!

It's 8.30 - obviously WAY too early for a weekend but you know. Nialls orders and all...

You take a shower and pick out some denim shorts, and a vest top. 
You put Cheerios in a bowl, to discover you have no milk. 
"let's do this daddy style then" you say to yourself as you take the ice-cream out the freezer and put it onto your Cheerios!!


"are you seriously not even giving me one hint as to where we're going Niall!!" you ask looking at him whilst he's driving! "I mean I only met you yesterday. For all I know I'm in the middle of being kidnapped!!" Niall laughs. 
"your not being kidnapped yn. Do you really think if I was kidnapping you I'd use this car, there aren't blacked out windows" he was right, why would a kidnapper use a Chevy truck - the fact he had a Chevy made him boyfriend material, it was your favourite type of car. Purely because theyre awesome!!


"We are here!!" Niall said excitdedly!!
You read the sign..."go ape. Treetop adventure park...nniiiiaaall?"
"your kidding right coz I'm really afraid of heights!! Like really afraid""
"you'll be fine yn. I'll be right next to you the whole time!!" he put on his raybans and hoped out the car...
You followed.


"Niall  niall  seriously. We're gonna be stuck up here for the rest of our lives!!"
"no we're not. Just put your foot there" you put your foot "there" and slowly made your way down the tree! Seriously the ladder was the hardest part of the whole experience!! You hadn't slipped once, and when you started to loose balance Niall had held you up.


"so you enjoyed it then??" he asked
"of course, it was a laugh. You know, apart from the part where we were up a tree and we could've died but all that aside it was awesome"
"good. By the way, the day is not over yet!!"
"seriously. It's like half 4 where are you planning on going everywhere will be shutting!!"
"oh you'll see"
You pulled up by the river, you recognised this was on telly or something!
"so here we are, are you aware that that boat over there is actually a recording studio??"
"that's why I recognised it, it has been on telly"
"Yh. Well. Me and the boys are recording here at the moment and I thought you might like to hear some of our stuff"
"is love to. That's be amazing!!"

"guys this is yn"
"hey" zayn said
"Louis get off my fourth niPLe" Harry shouted at Louis. They were. Well. They were being wierd!
"so your the girl Niall was phoning me about last night" Liam said to you
"shut up Liam!! Anyway what song are we doing today??"
"the one that you wrote about finding your perfect girl. You know the unnamed one!"
"Liam stop being so stupid! He obviously doesn't need to sing it anymore judging by what he said to you yesterday!! Look she looks as perfect as he described her" Louis said pointing over to you. You could feel yourself turning red! You always had a tendency to do that. 

After a bit of banter the boys recorded their song, it was really good and you wondered why you never properly took interest in 1D before...
"wow. Guys that was so good!! And I mean Niall!! Amazing, you actually wrote that??!!"


"I'm glad you liked the song yn. Maybe I could write one for you sometime"
"that'd be awesome nialler!! I can't believe I haven't taken an interest in you guys before!! Youre crazy talented!!"


"Niall that's not the way home"
"oh I know. I just wanted to take you one more place first!" it was already 11 and you were really tired, all you wanted was to go home!
Niall pulled into a car park  that was empty, it was at bushy park!
Niall took out a blanket and laid it on the back of the truck, he lay down and beckoned you to jOin him.

You lay on nialls chest looking at the stars, talking about everything while he played with your hair.
"Niall you want to go for a walk?" you knew this part of the park well, you always came here as a child with your mum, and a guy who used up live across your road and his mum. He was like an older brother, then they moved to the other side of the country and you were left without anything as a sibling. You and him, Brendan, used to make boats out of leaves and sticks and race them down part of the river, you used to play pooh sticks over one bridge. It used to be hands down your favourite place, but then the park did relandscaping and there it went, the one place, your special place had gone. You told Niall the story, it always brought tears because that place was special, you sat on the remaining bridge, the surroundings  weren't as they should be. Niall held you in his arms to comfort you. 
Why did you always have to break down whenever you same to this place? There were too many memories, that had been destroyed!

You were always walls up. Get on with your life kind of person but with Niall there were no walls at all. It was strange you'd known this dude for a couple of days and already you felt closer to him then you had with anyone ever.

You just prayed it wouldn't end up in heartbreak this time...

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