Boy Next Door (Niall Horan Love Story)

Boy Next Door (Niall Horan Love Story)

A mystery guy moves in next door. I wonder what happends....

(btw this is written by two different people so, um ...yh!)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Knock. Knock.

"Just comin wait a sec" niall shouts at the door

you wait outside the door, for what feels like forever...

Fianlly Niall anwsers the door, your almost speechless, it had only been a couple of hours but you don't remember him being THIS hot!

"hey" you say...
"hey" niall says back...he locks up his door.

You start walking down the stairs...
"So, how long have you lived here then" asks niall
"Well, I've lived in this building for about 6 months but I've lived in this area my whole life - what about you where are you from, I mean obviously your from Ireland but ya know like where in Ireland, I should just shut up I'm rambling a bit now..." niall starts laughing

Once niall had stopped laughing he started talking "I'm from Mullingar"
"I'm gonna be honest and say I have no idea where that is!!" you reply "I've never actually been to Ireland - I want to though - purley for teh fact I love you guys accents"
"So do you love my accent?" niall asks
"yeah..." you relpy with a flirty smile on your face..

You've only known this guy fo rwhat like a few hours and you already can fell yourself falling for him - it's not suprising almost every girl your age would fall for his charm...

"Hey guys, this is Niall he just moved in opposite me" you say to your friends when you arrive at nandos..."Niall, this is Winta, Hannah and Niamh"

"Hey niall" your friends say back
"Hey" "I'm just going to use the toilet a sec" niall says

"(y/n) you do realise, that's Niall Horan" niamh says
"uh of course he did tell me his name" you say back
"no (y/n) Niall Horan from One Direction - you know brit award winning band!!"
"OH M GEE!! I knew I recoginsied him!!"

Niall walks up behind you "recoginsed who??"
"um Niamh just placed your face!! I told you I recoginsed you! Your in a band!"
"uuuhhh yhhhh!!"
"why didn't you tell me, when I thought I recoginsed you?"
"coz I didn't want you to just like me coz I'm famous...!"
"aaww, niall. Trust me I'm not like that and you know for sure coz I liked you before Niamh told me!!"


You and Niall are walking out of Nandos. "You know you really didn't have to pay for me Niall" you say
"Yes, I did, I always pay for the girl I like" he replies
" like me?"
"yeah, what's not too like. I mean your gorgous, sweet, laid back. And that's all from knowing you a few hours!"
"well...I like you too" you reply - it was a long time since you had said that to anyone, because you and your last boyfriend had been going out for a couple of years and he ended up cheating on, you hadn't let yourself fall in a long time.

"goodnight (y/n), I'll probably see you tommorow at some point" Niall kissed you on the cheek and let himself into his apartment, you turned around and did the same.
As soon as you got in you collapsed on your bed and started thinking about Niall and how amazing he was and everything you wanted to do with him(not in a dirty way).
There was a knock at your door "omfg what does someone want at this time!!"
You got off your bed and answered the door!
"I forgot to do something" Niall placed his hands on your waist and kissed you slowly...
"are you free tommorow?" he asked
"um Yh..."
"good, be up and dressed by 10, I'm taking you out!"
"what will I need to wear??"
"shorts, tshirt that kind of thing! Something you can move easily in and also something you don't mind getting dirty"

You were intrigued at what mr horan had planned but as long as you were with him it would be awesome what ever it was.

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