Dahvie Vanity love story

Yepppp my first story!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


by: Sarah1018
I went to my friend Ashleys huge house and rang the door bell.After i waited for a second the amazingly hot butler opened the door n let me in.I went up the elavator to where her room is n then i heard moaning.So i went back down the elavator n back to the butler that always flirted with me."So i said whos she with this time?" "i dont know actually" he replied. "ohhh k" Then i heard the elvator door n i yelled "ASH?" Then i ran around the corner to find a guy that looked like dahvie vanity(i just went to his concert so i keep thinking dahvie vanity is everyone) but with crappy clothes on n messy hair so i looked at him n said "NO" he looked at me oddly so i took his hand n led him in the bathroom luckily i had a pair of boyish clothes with me. "what r u doing?" he asked "just shut up" i said. I grabbed the clothes hair products n makeup. He looked at my curiously. I grabbed the hair stuff n did his hair then his makeup like dahvie vanitys n then i told him "change into these" i handed him a pair of clothes then he changed. When i was done i looked at him and then realized that it was dahvie vanity i looked at him wide eyed 0_o. Then he finally said "what u never saw a celebrity before?" I looked at him and said "yes i have, Just not blood on the dance floor celebs!" He laughed n then he grabbed my waist. I thought i was dreaming n then i realized he was just doing something with my friend. I pushed him off and said "ur a player u just did something with my friend now ur hitting on me!"
He winked at me and said "mabye". I looked at him blankley n then ashley walked in and said "what the hell is going on?" She looked at dahvies arms around my waist mad. "Nothing" i said to end the silence. Then she yelled "Sarah get out" Dahvie tryed to explain it was him but she ignored him. Then i just walked out the door with tears in my eyes.

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