It's Called Love ~ A Fred and George Weasly Love Story

Name:Isabella Diggory
Hair color:brown
Eye color:brown but changes depending on the light
Boyfriend/crush:George weasley
Family: Diggorys (adopted)

Name: Sabrina Granger
Boyfreind/Crush: Fred Weasly
Family: The Grangers (Hermione's older sis)

Ok, This is Sabrina (akaIDontBite_ThatHard) talking. I don't know about Bella (aka softballfreak94) But this is my first group story! I really hope you like it, please leave comments saying how it was!

~Love Sabrina

Chapter 1

Chapter one by IDontBite_ThatHard

This entire chapter was written by both Sabrina and Bella over chatzy

On the Hogwarts express, George and Fred's 4th year

"I am going to get some candy I'll be back." Bella said, getting up from her seat, and left the room. As soon as she was out of earshot, Fred turned to George. "You seriously got to tell her this year that you like her and no excuses this time." He told George sternly. Their attention was turned from eachother to the door, wich was being opened. Sabrina, who was two years younger than them, walked in. When she saw Fred, her face turned pink. "He- hey Fred." She said, annaware of their conversation. Fred looked releived. "Hey Sabrina. Please tell George that he has to tell Bella this year that he likes her."
"George, tell Bella you like her." I ordered.
"Its not like she likes me." George said.
"Thats the thing. She does!" Fred argued with George.
"I agree with Fred. She likes you, allot. Trust me." I told him, but our conversation was interrupted when Hermione walked in, eventually followed by Bella. "Whats going on in here?" Bella asked. "Nothing but I think George has to talk to you so we will leave you guys alone." He said in response to Bella's question. Fred turned to leave, hoping that Hermione and Sabrina would follow. Hermione followed Sabrina, who was trailing behind Fred.

Inside the 'room', Bella asked "Wwhat do you got to talk to me about George?"
"Oh.. Um.. Nothing!" George replied, his face red.
"Ccome on George tell me you can tell me anything we are best friends and have known each other since we were four!" Bella pleaded.
''Thats exactly why I can't tell you. It would ruin everything!" George said.
Bella still tried. "George just tell me I promise I won't let it ruin anything."
George thought. "Well.... Mabe- No!"
"I guess our friendship doesn't mean anything to you then." Bella said, turning to leave. George pannicked. "Bella wait! Fine, I like you. Allot." He said, defeated. Right when George said that, Fred entered the 'room'. "How long have you liked me?" Bella asked curiousley. "Uh.. Only since the first year...." George said rubbing his arm.
"You told her! Great!" Fred cheered. Bella smiles "Apparently you don't know me as well as you think cause I have liked you since first year. And how long have you known Fred?"
Fred tilted his head slightly and looked at Bella like she was stupid. "Really Bella? We're twins! I'v known ever since George started liking you!" George looked at him accusingly. "Uh, Fred? We all know you only found out last year, in year 4!" George said.
"George how come you never told me till now?" Bella asked George. George took offense. "Stop acting like your so innocent! YOU never told ME!" George said to Bella. Sabrina came back in, with no Hermione in sight. "But I am innocent" Bella says with a innocent look "well I guess I am going to see Cedric for a little bit"
"Wait! What just happened here? Are you not going to ask Bella out, George?" Fred asked George, holding Bella back from leaving. "I don't know" George says.
"Well, I'll be back later" Bella says as she walks out.
Fred just sat there looking dumb. Sabrina was exasperated. 'If only Fred would like me! Why can't things be like this with me and Fred?' She thought to herself, sitting down next to Fred. "Sabrina? Who do YOU like?" Fred asked Sabrina sudenly. He really diddn't know, and was curiouse.
Bella walks back in "Yuck I found Cedric snogging Cho I never want to see that again." Bella says with a disgusted look. Sabrina starts laughing really hard. Fred just looked at her, still waiting for an answer. "Is there a spell that makes people stop laughing so they can answer my damn question already?" Fred said, annoyed. Sabrina imidiately stoped laughing and sat up. "Who I fancy is none of your buisness." She said, glaring at him. Bella starts laughing "You really dont know?" George pulls Bella next to him and starts kissing Bella and Bella kisses back. "Um... Ew. I diddn't expect that to happen so fast.... Anyway, what did she mean 'you really don't know'? Sabrina, WHO DO YOU LIKE?!" Fred persisted. Sabrina glared at him some more, and he backed up a little. Bella and George stopped snogging. "I said that because everyone knows who you fancy besides Fred not knowing who it is" Bella said smiling. Sabrina was scowling at everone. She shook her head vigorousley at Bella, trying to prevent her from telling. "Its you." Bella told Fred before going back to snogging. Fred looked amazed at Sabrina. Sabrina's look of anger turned into a look of pannick and worry. "Really? I like you too Sabrina." Fred said while turning red. You-you do?" Sabrina said amazed. "Bu-but..... Why? Why me?I-" sabrina stuttered, but Fred cut her off, pressing his lips against hers.

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