Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

This is my naruto seven minutes in I luv naruto.the show.anyways iv done some research on quibblos and how the most popular quizzes are made but its still origanal.enjoy luv you

Chapter 1


by: _Terbear_
"Number 1"you wasn't that excited that your playing with a bunch of look around and repeated."WHO GOT A ONE!! "You yelled getting impatient. "Alright,alright come down! "Kakashi your sensi is playing." this legal...."you asked confused. "In this house it is "naruto said laughing. "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?? "you yelled upset."come on already your holding up the game.!!!!"Kakashi said. "Fine...."you said.
You ran in the closet hoping the minutes would go kidda had a crush on him but he was your sensi. He followed behind you and closed the stood there waiting for it to be over."so..ill start."Kakashi said."wha -"you was interrupted by Kakashi kissing felt his warm lips.he must have took of his mask.he wrapped his hands around your kissed him passionately but softly. He broke the kiss and look at you."well well aren't you excited"you blushed and turned away."you kissed me you perv.."he smiled and pined your hands to the was keeping time in your head and it was almost time. Ten seconds left.he kissed you slowly on the neck moaned.when it hit one you smiled."RAPPPPE!!! HELP!! "Kakashi looked up at you as the door swung open.
"Kakashi -sensi!! "Naruto yelled."GET OFF OF HER." Kakashi looked at you and smiled "your EVIL "he said and let go."GET HIM!! COME ON AKAMARU!! "Kiba yelled."what a pain! "Kakashi yelled and start running away.all the veining chased him as you laughed at your mischievous acts.

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