Watch me fault her
You're living like a disaster
She said kill me faster
with strawberry gashes all over

The main character is Paranoia, just so you know. Yes, she is a girl.
I enjoyed writing this.

Chapter 1


"Mo-mom?" I whispered, falling to my knees in the dark alley way.
"Mommy is dead, kid." the man grinned, a bloody knife in his hand.
I looked at her body, the once stainless white dress that she was wearing now covered in her own blood. Blood still seeped from the knife wounds in her stomach and neck. I looked down at my hands that were stained with her blood from me trying to stop the attacker.
"W-why...why did you steal her from me?!" I yelled at the man.
He grinned.
"That's between me and her." he used the knife to point at her dead body.
"Now," he continued. "You better leave, kid. Or you're next."
The man laughed, taking a step towards me. I gasped, scooting back. I couldn't stand up and run, like my legs were broken. He laughed again, seeming to enjoy my reaction.
"N-no..don't..please!" I begged, tears in my eyes.
"Actually, I do want to play with you...just one time..." the man whispered, before slamming the knife down upon me.

Gasping, I sat up, awake from my nightmare. I was shivering and sweating, breathing fast. When I looked around, I realized that I was in my room, in my bed and not in the dark alley way where my mother had died, eight years ago. Sighing, I looked out the window, the sunshine coming through the blinds. It was morning.
"God, I hate that dream...." I mumbled, standing up and stretching.
I was 15 now, 7 when my mother was butally murdered infront of my very eyes. The police had never found the man who had killed her, and I was too unstable to say anything about him. I had thought, at the time, that I would forget about it soon. But the scars that he had placed upon me made sure that I would always remember that night. I glanced down at my arm, seeing the faded cuts of a knife. I remembered the blade, making slow but deep, precise cuts as he held me down against my will, laughing at my agony. Shivering, I pushed the thoughts out of my head. I walked to the closet, putting on some blue jeans and a tank top, not really paying attention to what was on it. Putting on some shoes, and brushing out my hair, I stetched, seeing my figure in the mirror. My dark purple hair, short in the back, long in the front, my yellow eyes, my slim body frame...just like it always was. Sighing, I looked around the room, biting my lip.
"What to do..." I mumbled.
Closing my eyes, I thought for a moment about what there was to do around the house. I didn't feel like going out into town, unless I had to, so I was planning on staying home. Suddenly, I remembered.
With a grin, I walked to the door of the basement, staring at it for a moment.
"Now or later..?" I mused, thinking with a grin still playing on my lips.
"Now." I decided, opening the door and closing it behind me.
Walking down the stairs, I flicked on the lights. Sitting in the middle of the room, bounded and gagged, a girl around my age laid on the floor. When she noticed me walk in, she started to moan and squirm, tears in her eyes. I snickered, smirking at how pathetic it was. The girls, long, curly blond hair was matted from being unkept, and her big baby-blue eyes were red rimmed from crying, the mascara running down her face. I walked over to her, leaning down to look at her. The pink dress she work was slightly torn around the stomach from the fight she had put up when I grabbed her, but it really didn't matter.
"How are you, love?" I mused, smirking.
She muttered through the rag in her mouth, though the words were unrecognizable. I smiled at her, standing back up and walking over to a table. Looking at the various items on the table, I picked up a metal pipe, weighing it in my hand. The metal was cold to the touch, sending a shiver up and down my spine.
"This..." I said, turning back to her, but keeping the pipe behind my back so it would be a suprise. "Might hurt a little."
Walking to her, I grabbed her by the hair with my free hand, pulling her up. Smiling, I slammed the pipe against her skull, the brute force knocking her out of my grip, making her fall back to the ground. She was knocked out cold. I laughed, having enjoyed the impact of metal to bone. Throwing the pipe back on the table, I walked over to her body. Ripping off the ropes the bounded her, I made sure to leave the rag in her mouth as I dragged her over to the wall, where chains where handing down upon it. Chainging her wrists and ankels to where she couldn't move, I took out the rag and stared at her. She was still knocked out so I would have to wait for her. Walking back over to the table again, I looked fown at the various objects. From carving knifes, to a electric screw driver, there was enough tools to have some fun. I crossed my arms, thinking about what I would do when she woke up when suddenly I heard a small moan. Turning around, I noticed that she was starting to awaken, moving around.
"Time to play." I whispered more to myself then to her.
She looked around, looking confused and dizzy.
"Wha-what...?" she mumbled, coughing.
"Well, well, you're awake!" I excaimed, smirking as I walked over to her.
Her eyes widened in fear.
"Who are you?! Wha-what are you doing with me?!" she screamed, tears in her eyes.
"My name is Paranoia, and today you are going to be my playmate." I smiled at her.
She pulled at the chains, squirming and struggling.
"Keep doing that and you'll cut your wrists and ankles on the edges." I laughed, walking over to the table.
"Please, let me go!" she screamed, crying and shaking violently.
"I can't." I said, keeping my back turned to her. "You see, you now know my name, so if I let you go and you go off and tell on me, the police will be able to find me. And...well, I can't let that happen, you know?"
She went silent, still crying.
"Don't be such a baby." I frowned.
I looked at the tools and picked up the screw driver, along with two nails. Walking back over to her, I smiled, looking at her wet face.
"Wha-what are you doing with that?" she stuttered, eyes wide.
"Playing." I answered quickly.
With that, I put the sharp end of one of the nails against the palm of her left hand, holding it down slightly. Putting up the screw driver to the end, I looked at the girl, who was screaming for me to stop. I smiled as I pushed the button the made the end of the screw driver twirl. Pushing it, the screw went through her skin, slowly, making it's way out of her hand and into the wall. Blood spluttered on my face and clothes, though it didn't bother me. She screamed for me to stop, squriming and trying to pull away.
"Don't worry, that hand is done." I said, holding up the other screw.
"Please.." she whispered, still squirming. "Stop..."
"Too late." I said, doing the exact same thing to here other hand and getting same reaction.
"Your scream is so...pretty...~" I said in a sing song voice.
Walking back to the table, is at the bloody screw driver down and picked up a curved knife, looking at her.
"No, no, no, no..." she whispered over and over, shaking her head. "No, no, no.."
Walking back over to her, I cut down her dress to where it reveled her stomach. Smiling, I whisked the blade across her stomach, making a thin cut that barley bleed. She flinched, moaning with tears going down her face. Trailing the knife down and around her belly button, I pushed it inside above it, watching as blood started to pour out. She screamed, arching her back, trying to pull away. I watched as the blood poured down her body and twisted the knife inside of her, making more of it come out. Laughing as she screamed, I pulled the knife out quickly, stabbing her in a different place. Blood started to come out of the corner of her mouth, trailing down her neck. Giggling, I pulled the knife out and took a step back, looking at her body for the next place to cut. walking back up the her, I decided that I would do something that I always imagined.
"This..will hurt..but look on the bright side; you'll have bloody tears." I smiled.
Pulling out her lower eye lid, I made a small cut, deep enough to make it bleed but not so deep that it would blind her. I did this with her other eye and looked at her. Blood poured down her face, making it look like her tears had changed into red.
"How pretty!" I yelled, laughing.
I twirled around in a circle, unable to control myself. The girls tears mixed with the blood. I grabbed a hammer from the table, running up and slamming it against her knee. The girl screamed in agony, a loud cracking coming when it hit. I knew her knee was broken, and that only made me shiver more. Giggling, I grabbed some clippers, the blades stained with dried blood. Walking over to her, I took one of her fingers in mine and placed it between the blades at the very start of it. Clipping down, the girl screamed, though her voice was becoming horse. Her finger feel off to the ground. I did this with each of her fingers on both hands, laughing as the blood spluttered out. Grabbing the carving knife, I cut the skin off of her stomach to where I could see the veins, moving.
"No..." the girl moaned, starting to black out.
I frowned.
"If you faint, I'll just have to kill you..." I mumbled.
She moaned, shaking her head. I sighed, knowing it would be the end of her soon. I decided that it would be fun to choke someone with their own intestines. Cutting her stomach, I ripped out her intestines, making her scream in agony, blood just pouring out of her mouth. Wrapping them around her throat, I pulled to where it cut off her air. She squirmed, her muffled screams growing silent. Finally, she went still, her eyes becoming empty and glazed over. I smiled, sighing sadly. Letting go of her, I looked down at my blood stained clothes and body. I smirked, enjoying the feeling of the blood. Turning away from her, I walked to the top of the stairs and stood infront of the door.
"Time for a new playmate." I smiled as I turned off the lights and walked through the door, leaving the girls body hanging there in the basement.


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