A Twist In The Plot

Your (not really) favorite movie plots mushed together, for yummy horror stew :)

Movies used: Dawn of the Dead; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Species; and Creep.

Chapter 3


Brad looked up from his intense study of their creature in the cage - lovingly called "Thing".
"I heard voices." He said nervously. Dr. Barnes looked at him in annoyance. "Well, we aren't the only ones here, Bradford."
"But we told on one to come near this room..."
Sighing, "Then go investigate, Sherlock!"
Figuring that was better than doing nothing, Brad walked to the door, and peered out. Looking first to his right and seeing nothing, he adjusted his glasses on his nose, and looked to his left.
There, he saw a broad back, eerily still. "Hello!" he called.
Slowly. the back turned to reveal a face. It was Henry Joel, the "janitor". No one knows what Joel actually does around the lab, but he was so menacing, everyone was to afraid to attempt to fire him.
"Were you talking to someone?" asked Brad.
"Some kid, snooping around." answered Joel. Brad's eyes widened. "No idea how she got in, boss." Joel said, continuing.
Shaking his head in bewilderment, Brad says, "Could you try to make sure it doesn't happen again?"
"No problem."

"So, who was it?
"Some kid."
"Yeah, I know. Must of been some kind of weird coincidence."
"Humph." Turning, from Brad, Dr. Barnes looked into the cage once again. Thing was making significant progress. Already, she appeared to be in what is known as human adolescence.
Objectively, she was what would be considered attractive. Long waist length brown hair hid most of her body, in lieu of the clothes they had failed to give her.
"If she gets much bigger, we might have to give her some clothes." Brad noted. "What, not enjoying the view?" Dr. Barnes replied sardonically.
To be honest, the thought of looking at Thing in that way made Brad sick to his stomach.
Out of all the things (no pun intended) she was, human was not one of them.

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