A Twist In The Plot

Your (not really) favorite movie plots mushed together, for yummy horror stew :)

Movies used: Dawn of the Dead; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Species; and Creep.

Chapter 2

What You Do Know Can Harm You

The wind blew peacefully and quietly across the small patches of grass that were road. Janelle walked across the road, feeling extremely scared and very alert. She'd never been to this town before.
Janelle stopped walking when she finally reached a building. It looked pretty ancient, but it was better than staying outside in the hot sun.
Janelle tried the door. It wouldn't budge. She looked through one of the windows. It was opaque with dirt and sludge and all she saw in it was her own reflection. Her hair was ruffled, her eyes had bags beneath them, and her clothes were wrinkled. She looked pititful.
Ever since she'd broken up with her boyfriend, she'd always looked that way. She didn't know why she thought it would be a good idea to have a "Girl's Week Out" with her best friend Tya. Although, ever since they were kids, Tya'd been able to get Janelle to do anything.
Janelle tried the door again, this time it opened wide. She walked in slowly, wondering where all the people were.
There wasn't a person in sight. Not behind the front desk, not in any of the corners, and she couldn't hear any voices. This was all too eerie for her, but curiosity was a feeling that even the strongest of minds couldn't defeat.
Janelle walked further into the room.
She went toward the stairs, excited to see what was there. She was eager to find someone. It was like a scavenger hunt for her.
Janelle made her way up the stairs and a long, narrow hallway. There were doors on either side of her, each with big, bold, gold numbers on them. She looked threw the windows on the doors as she walked down the hallway slowly. She saw no one in the rooms, and some didn't even have furniture.
Finally, Janelle reached the end of the hallway. She reached a door with the numbers 375 on it, and looked in its window.
Inside, she saw a man and a woman, the man in a lab coat. Janelle looked around more, amazed at the setting.
She could clearly see a small creature, in a cage!
She moved back one step from the glass, feeling a tad frightened, but she still felt her hand lift to knock on the door.
Janelle felt her hand curl into a fist, and she took a deep breath, but didn't knock. She'd always been very shy. Janelle turned to leave, but was startled when she was now facing a man in a janitor's uniform.
"You aren't supposed to be here." he said, his voice monotone.
"I, I was looking for someone to give me directions. I-" "You aren't supposed to be here." he said, interrupting her. Janelle frowned and began to walk back down the hallway, slightly bewildered.

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