A Twist In The Plot

Your (not really) favorite movie plots mushed together, for yummy horror stew :)

Movies used: Dawn of the Dead; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Species; and Creep.

Chapter 1

"Did you see that?!"

In a seemingly-deserted laboratory, not too far from your city, a young scientist in a lab coat stares into a cage. "I don't think it's working." he says, tapping the push button on his pen incessantly.
Tap tap tap.
His associate, an older woman of short stature, but a severe expression gives him a sharp look.
"Of course it's working. Look, you can see growth right there." She points to was indeed is a small growth of...something on the thing inside the cage.
Inside the cage is none other than a human infant. But, for the purpose of this story, I suggest you lose all stigma of helpless infants right now.
What Dr. Barnes and her underling, Brad are doing could, by some degree, be considered pure evil. But, I'm not here to make moral judgments.
Brad clears his throat and peers over to where the red talon-like nail is pointing. The child's pupil. Is seems to be doing some sort of swirling movement. Thinking his eyes are playing tricks on him, Brad takes off his rectangular glasses, blinks, and squints again at the baby. But the sight remains.
Impressed, he nods at Dr. Barnes, who in turn smiles smugly.
For the past four months, Dr. Barnes and Brad have been in what they believe to be communication with Martians. They're not insane; just very intelligent. It's a fine line.
These "Martians" have been sending instructions on how to create a superhuman. Dr. Barnes had been sitting on the idea for a while, but she knew when an opportunity presented itself. Last week, another one of her underlings - who we will call "Marsha" - gave birth a baby girl.
Not going into details, said baby girl is now under the careful observation of two mad geniuses.
Suddenly, the baby opens her mouth to reveal a mouthful of shark-like teeth, grinning at Brad in an evil way. Hurriedly turning to Dr. Barnes, he asks, "Did you see that?!" who in turn raises an eyebrow as if to imply that Brad might have lost some of his marbles.
Brad, retreating within himself, is now seriously questioning how smart it is to play with lives..

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