Winners of the Animal Picture Contest!!!! READ FOURTH CHAPTER!

Please read below VVVVV

Chapter 4


Everyone did a great job. Also I am sorry for not getting back with the results sooner. Well I have went over the entries and chose five winners. Everyone did wonderful though and I am really proud of all of you. Thanks for participating! I was so impressed with your stories. You all are great authors!

OK, here are the winners!
By: ASullenNightmare
By: Rockstar12oo
By: cracker1998
By: MegaMegan76 By: lastwolf

If you won, I will make you any kind of quiz (personality, survey, poll, question, scored) about anything you want. Just message me saying what you want it to be about. Please label the message: To: WildWolf711 to make sure I do not delete it.

Thanks everyone! You all did great. :)

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