Winners of the Animal Picture Contest!!!! READ FOURTH CHAPTER!

Please read below VVVVV

Chapter 3

A reminder!

Stories are not due until the 24th so no need to rush. Just after you finish your story, please remember to make a link in the comments saying you have completed your story.

I try to see all the stories people have written for the competition in my inbox but it's a lot easier if you comment with a link to your story after you've finished. That way I can make sure I don't miss you.

So far I have these entries:

If you already created your story and I did not put it on the list, please comment with a link to your story below.
If you have not yet made your story, just remember to finish it before January 25th because January 24th is the deadline. And please leave a link to your story in the comments after you finish.

Thanks for reading this!

Please note: If you have not yet entered the contest, spots are still open! Just read the first chapter for all the details. :)

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