Winners of the Animal Picture Contest!!!! READ FOURTH CHAPTER!

Please read below VVVVV

Chapter 1

Animal Picture Contest!

Hey, I'm doing a picture contest as you probably already know by the title of this. This is my first contest so if I leave anything out, please don't be afraid to mention that to me. Anyhow, this should be fun and I would love if you entered. :)

This picture contest is about animals.

Here's how it works. IMPORTANT, READ THIS PART!
You look through the pictures below and pick out one you like. Then leave a comment saying you want that picture. It's a first come, first serve policy. Meaning the first person who comments saying they want that picture gets it.
If someone has already picked that picture, it will say Taken by it. I will also leave a reply to your comment telling you if you got the picture you wanted or not. If you didn't, don't feel bad. There are plenty of pictures and just try to chose another one.
After you get your picture, then it's story time! Your job is write a story based on that animal you chose. It must be original. After you are finished with your story then leave a comment saying you are done and provide a link to your story. I will reply to your comment saying when I have read it.

Now, here are the rules for the contest:
1. Your story must be your own. If I get two entries that are the same, both will not be disqualified.
2. I will only be reading the first chapter of your story but you can keep going if you want. Just know I will only judge the first chapter.
3. Make sure you story is well organized and try to make sure it does have too many mistakes.
4. You must leave a link to your story in the comments after you are done.
5. Stories are due on January 24th, 2012! Meaning when January 25th rolls around it will be too late to submit your story.
6. Have fun! (Yes, that is a rule. (: )

If you have a question leave about the contest comment below.

Oh, I almost forgot! You want to know what the winners get, don't you? Well I will be happy to tell you.
There will be most likely three winners! I will make a quiz for each of the winners. They tell me what kind of quiz to make them (personality, survey, poll, question or scored) about anything, as long as it's not like "make a quiz about people eating poop."
I may have one or two more winners, depends on how many entries I get.

So now that we are clear on that stuff, time to pick your picture! :) They are listed below. Remember, you can not chose one that says Taken by it.

Taken Wolf

Taken Dog



Taken Loin

Taken Cat

Taken Kitten

Taken Fox

Guinea Pig

Taken Ferret

Taken Hamster




Polar Bear



Taken Horse


Taken Raven





Taken Whale


Taken Rabbit

Taken Dolphin

Taken Turtle

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