So, my fellow Quibblians!

I'm super bored, so I'm making a blog thingy....

Chapter 4


I so haven't been keeping up with this.....

So I just found out that two of my girl friends are dating. I feel.....betrayed, somehow. Hurt. I don't understand it. I'm bisexual, but I don't like either of the girls romantically.....I don't think. I don't understand the pain in my chest......

On a different note! I have recently become obsessed with My Little Pony :D My favorite is Rainbow Dash, who is the one I can most relate to. She's the one that's different, like Onyx on Trollz, and Buttercup on Powerpuff Girls.

I love coffee :D I just recently started drinking it, but I have only drunk it with the York patty creamer in it and about three tablespoons of sugar XD I have my own coffeee cup, too -- it's Tinkerbell! The only thing is, it's a bit too thin XD

I haven't been writing as much lately, but when I do it's usually flashfiction. Flashfiction is where you just write a scene, but not a whole story. I have a Mad Hatter (yes, the Depp one!) notebook to keep them in. So far, I've only written parts of two different flashfictions in it, but they're in my head and as soon as I get the time I'll finish them! I may put them on here...I dunno, should I?

I'm listening to Helena -- MCR right now. I love them. They're one of my favorite bands. I had the volume all the way up cuz I was watching My Little Pony, and then I played this and it scared the shiit outta me XD

This is one of my most favorite pictures EVER:
It has so much symbolism in it....and MLP :D

My computer is being uber slow right now....I think it's cuz it's stormy. The connection goes kind of wonky when it's stormy.

I'm tired....I wonder if we have anymore coffee? :D

I'm gonna have to wash my coffee cup. I drunk a cup before school this morning and just left it sitting out.....

I think I'm done for today. This is probably the longest I've done so far.

So, I leave you on this note:


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