So, my fellow Quibblians!

I'm super bored, so I'm making a blog thingy....

Chapter 3

Jan 15 2012

I suck so bad Dx I haven't written in, like, a week!

Well, I haven't gotten very far on my dystopian story. Why does it think dystopian isn't a word?!?! It says it should be utopian. Weirdo spell-check.

My mother is writing a book as well. Being a legit writer is what she wants to be. She keeps fantasizing about all the stuff we're gonna have when she gets published XD

I found out some disturbing things about my birth. I would rather not list them here. Bree/nubilus knows about it.

I've discovered that some of my friends are definitely worth keeping, while others aren't worth it.

If I call you a hoe, you're probably a hoe.

Haha, I just felt like saying that last one. My foot's asleep. I really need to stop sitting on it.

I'm tired and I dunno what else to write.


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