So, my fellow Quibblians!

I'm super bored, so I'm making a blog thingy....

Chapter 1


It's been a week since school started and all I can say...TGIF! It's been hard, because my mind keeps straying from the y-intercept to wondering who the hell Sookie Stackhouse is going to end up with on Trueblood. It also doesn't help that I've had the flu for the past two weeks and my friendship with Sam (otherwise known as "S" to those who read the whore story) is pretty rocky right now and very uncertain.

The whore story for those who haven't read it:

Speaking of Sam, those who have read the whore story might be wondering how it went. Well, on Monday....nothing really happened. Sam still talked to me as usual, she still freaked out over my jacket having a mustache on it, she was still as loud and as obnoxious as always. The only thing that happened was in the computer lab, when we were talking about coming back to school and I said I was a bit afraid to because of the fight Sam and I had. Of course, Ryan asked what happened and Sam told him I called her a whore. I explained that I wasn't calling her a whore, but that I was simply meaning that she would turn into one. Mrs. Lynch heard me and we stopped the conversation right there.

I asked her -- what, yesterday? -- if we were still friends and she said she was half and half. So I don't know what's going to happen on that front. I'll probably still talk to her and stuff, but she won't be a close friend anymore. Which reminds me! She's back with the guy that treated her like dog shiit. I mean, really? She's got to be having some mental issues!

So, hmm.....we got the first three seasons of Dexter ad we've been watching them. It's such a great show.

I just got done with number five of the Sookie Stackhouse (Trueblood) books and I'm waiting to find the sixth at the library. We're also waiting for season four of Trueblood to come out on DVD so we can watch it. I can't wait!

Hmm...gummy worms! They are delicious.

I wonder if HTML works on Quibblo?

Doo dee dooo!

Well, I guess I'm done for today! I'll try to write again tomorrow!


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