Love Thy Enemy (A Draco & Hermione Love Story)

Love Thy Enemy (A Draco & Hermione Love Story)

Hermione is back as Head Girl for her 7th year, but she is back without Ron. So when she is forced to room with Head Boy, Draco Malfoy, the hormones are flying. They are supposed to be enemies, but as a new Draco emerges, it gets harder and harder to remember that. Will she fight their growing attraction or give in to it, body and soul, risking everything she holds dear?

This is my Wattpad Story, but I decided to post it here too.

Chapter 1

Sleeping Arrangements

My new Head Girl badge is pinned securely to my robe and my back-breakingly heavy book bag is strung over my shoulder, making me lean to the left as Ron jokes with Harry while he tries to kiss Ginny goodbye. I can't believe the two of them decided not to come back to Hogwarts for seventh year, but they have both been green lighted right into the Auror program at the ministry, so I guess they really have no need to go back. Me on the other hand, I wouldn't dream of missing my last year.

Ron finally turns his attention back to me only to give me the same puppy dog face he has been wearing since I told him my plans to go back to school without him. He has tried ever trick in the book to try and talk me out of going back, but I have made my decision.

"Are you sure about this? It is along time until Christmas break and we can see you again," he pouts, his red hair falling in his solomn face.

"I'm sure Ron. I have to go back and take my NEWTS, but it is only a year and we can write often," I remind him for the hundredth time.

"Well, I'll miss you," he says awkwardly. That is a good way to describe out relationship lately, awkward...and boring.

"I'll miss you too," I tell him, giving him a hug. He pulls back and plants a soft, dry kiss on my lips. I try my hardest to fill the short kiss with sparks, but all I manage is a dull heat.

"Come on Hermione, we need to get on the train," says Ginny. She has tears running down her pink cheeks and her lips are swollen and moist from her and Harry's goodbye kiss. A spike of jealousy at their still loving relationship. Harry looks miserable and has a death grip on her hand. She gives him another quick kiss and then steps onto the scarlet train.

"Bye Hermione," says Harry, his voice thick and scratchy.

"Bye Harry. Bye Ron," I say.

"Bye," he responds in a whisper.

I turn and follow Ginny onto the train. She has already found a compartment and has stowed away her trunk. I shove mine in next to hers and take a seat across from her. She is still sniffling so I turn my face to look out the window. I watch the crowd as it thins and as families wave goodbye to loved ones and then disappear as the train slides out of the station.

Half way to Hogwarts, I leave to go the the first compartment where I will find out my head girl duties and find out who the head boy is. My stomach tightens a bit as I get closer, after all, I will be stuck working with this person all year. But when I slide open the glass door and walk in, the only person there is the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lorean. He has long dark hair that he secures in a ponytail at the base of his neck and a tan, square face. His ice blue eyes lock on me and a warm smile stretches across his handsome face.

"Ah, miss Granger, right on time. I wish I could say the same for your partner Mister... Ah here he is now," says the Professor, his eyes sliding away from my face to look at the person who just opened the glass door and walked in.

"Sorry I'm late Professor," he says in a smooth, quiet voice that slides over my skin, making me freeze. You have got to be kidding me!

"Hi Granger," he continues after addressing the professor. I don't turn around, I don't have to. I know who is standing right behind me, so close that his warm breath is brushing over my neck.

"Malfoy," I say as my only form of greeting.

"Please have a seat, both of you," says Professor Lorean.

I sit stiffly on the velvet seat. Malfoy lowers himself slowly into the seat as far from me as he can. I glance unwillingly at him and have to catch my breath. He has changed since I last saw him. His white blonde hair is longer and falls in his face, which has hardened and become more defined. He hasn't changed into his robes yet and is only wearing a fairly tight t-shirt and some perfectly fitting jeans. I can see long, lean muscles covering his tall frame and I swear my mouth starts to water. Then I notice his stormy grey eyes are locked on me and I look quickly away, a heated blush spreading over my cheeks. I can practically feel his smirk.

"Well, congratulations on being chosen as head boy and girl. It is quite an honor and one that I hope you will both take seriously. Now, Professor McGonagall has asked me to brief the two of you on some of your duties so you can jump right in when we arrive at the school. The two of you will make sure everyone makes it to the school and there is no fights or problems. Through the year you will supervise your fellow students and enforce the school rules. You have the power to hand out detention and take away points as you see fit, but do not abuse this power. The teachers will depend on you for help running the school and may ask you to perform specific duties. If Professor McGonagall did not believe you were up to the task, she would not have appointed the two of you. Now there has been a change this year. Previously, the head boy and girl would stay in their house's dorms along with the others of their house. But it has been decided that since there are only two of you and not one from each house, a separate room has been set apart for the two of you. It includes a common room similar to the ones in the different houses, a bathroom like the prefect's bathroom and a separate room for each of you. Keep in mind, all of the rules still apply and if you abuse this special privilege, it will be taken away and never returned," after this he gives us both a hard look to re-enforce his words.

"We have our own rooms?" asks Malfoy, a hint of excitment coloring his tone.

"Yes Mister Malfoy, that is what I just said. Now are there any other questions?" asks the Professor, and when neither of us pipe up, he excuses us. I hurry out of the compartment but wait in the hall and grab Draco's arm as he goes to pass me.

"I don't know what McGonagall was thinking making you head boy, but I expect you to pull your half of the load. I can't do all this work alone," I snap as those dark grey eyes bore into me.

"I don't remember anyone asking you to," he says through a half smirk. He pulls his arm gently, but firmly from my shaking grasp and walks away.

I practically run back to my compartment where Ginny is already writing a letter, presumably to Harry, and slam the door closed behind me.

"How's it go?" asks Ginny, only looking up at me when I remain silent. "What's wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost," she says.

"Malfoy is head boy, and also my new room mate," I whisper but by the look of horror on her face, I know she had no trouble hearing me.

"Tell me everything!" she demands, her half written letter forgotten.

We spend the rest of the train ride discussing this new turn of events and how terrible this year is bound to be with me stuck in a room with Malfoy. But to my surprise, when we arrive at Hogsmeade Station, Malfoy is quick to leave the train and begin ushering students to the carriages. As I help, I hear Hagrid's familiar call and look over. He waves enthusiastically and I wave back, overjoyed to see him again. But we don't have time to talk as we try and get everyone up to the school.

I sit by Ginny for the sorting and try to pay attention, but I can feel eyes on my back and I have a good idea where they are coming from, which makes it especially hard to concentrate. But the feast is delicious and everyone is happy and chatty and soon it is easy to fall back into the rhythm of this place. It is easy and familiar and it is good to be back. After Professor McGonagall gives us our beginning of the year notices and dismisses us, I turn to say goodnight to Ginny. She looks at me with sympathy all over her face.

"If its too bad, you can come bunk with me," she offers.

"Thanks, I may have to take you up on that offer," I sigh and slip into the crowd.

It takes surprisingly little time to clear the halls of wandering students. I catch glances of Malfoy often, but we don't say much until it is time to find our new room.

"Do you know where it is?" I ask awkwardly.

"Yeah, I asked Professor Lorean on the way to the sorting. It is on the fifth floor just down the hall from the Room of Requirement," he answers and head in that direction. I follow a few lengths behind him. When we come to a large portrait of Professor Snape, Draco stops and smiles.

"Ah, Granger. Figures you would be made head girl. And you Draco. Congratulations," says Snape with a familiar sneer.

"Thank you Professor," says Draco.

"Well I suppose you'll be wanting entrance, and for that you need the password," says Snape and then gives the empty hall a searching look.

"Yes Professor," says Malfoy.

"Your password for the month is Aconite and I would advise you not to forget it," he says.

"Acconite," I say and with a grimace, his portrait swings open, revealing a set of stairs leading down.

We follow the stairs and emerge in an amazing common room. There is a long couch in the center and a couple soft looking arm chairs dotted around the room. Two of the armchairs are placed in front of a roaring fire, the flames of which are burning gold, red, green, and blue. I head to a door on the left side of the room and find a huge bathroom behind it complete with swimming pool sized tub and at least 20 different spouts, just like in the prefects bathroom.

I go back into the common room and find Draco staring at the multicolored flames flickering in the fireplace. Shadows dance over his pale face, excentuating his angular jaw and brows.

"Well, I guess I'll see you in the morning," I mutter, heading to my room. When he doesn't respond immediately, I open the wooden door and start to close it behind me. Just before the lock clicks home, his soft, whispered response reaches me.

"Goodnight Hermione."

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