Point Of View

This is a new story thing I am introducing. You will have to read the chapter title to see which characters point of view you are reading.


Chapter 1

Damiens Point Of View

"Come on then, Torin!" I yelled, grinning as I ran across the courtyard.
"Yo-Young Master!" he yelled, running behind me.
Stopping suddenly, I turned around, causing Torin to run into me. He fell on the ground, making a small thump.
"What did I tell you about calling me that?" I frowned, annoyed.
He looked up at me, his dark, blue eyes big, like he was on the verge of tears.
"I told you to call me by my real name; Damien." I smiled slightly, my tone becoming softer then before.
Torin nodded, standing up. I ruffled his short, spiky black hair, grinning.
"Now, lets go!" I yelled, turning and running towards the woods.
I heard Torin sigh and run after me, panting lightly. It didn't bother me though. If he was to be my new servent, he would have to get used to the chasing and games. After a few more minutes of running, I stopped to catch my breathe, as did Torin.
"Young Mas-" at a glare from me, Torin stopped midsentence. "Damien...What are we doing out here?"
I went silent for a moment, thinking.
"Nothing." I said after awhile, grinning.
Torin sighed, frowing.
"Then we should go back..." he said, glancing behind him towards the castle.
"I guess your ri-" I started to say, but stopped as something twinkled in the corner of my eye.
Torin seemed to notice it also, as he walked over by my side.
"What..." he mumbled slightly.
After seeing the object twinkle again, I realized that it was something buried in the dirt underneath a tree. Looking at Torin, I smiled slightly before running over and digging it out.
"What is it?" Torin asked curiously, trying to see it.
"It's a...." I frowned, holding the object in my hand. "Pocket watch?"
Laid in my hand was a old, dirty gold pocket watch, scratched up from being under the ground. The chain was broken off, so only part of it hung off. I flicked it open, suprised that it was still working.
"What's that?" Torin asked, pointing at a small button in the middle of the clock.
I pushed it and smiled slightly as a strange melody start to play. The melody was slow and dark, though comforting. It was hard to explain the feeling it gave me though. Uneasiness, perhaps?

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