Powerful but Priceless: Our Abnormal Lives

This is a group story by me(Ravynne Mystic), DamienMcGintysGal(Emmett Donovan), dobby(Luca Withers), Bellweather(Yuri Ibuki), therobberduck521(Ania Long), Fab4Forever(Deirdre Asterson), babykaygrl(Daniel Switch), AngelBeats(Aaron Knight), and peeeta(Collins Vuitton)

This story is about 10 kids who have mysterious, unknown powers, and have to learn how to use them in order to save the world. I got this idea from reading S.T.F and Goodbye to the World. Thanks!

Chapter 1

Ravynne Mystic-light and darkness

Run. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the men dressed in white coats. I run astonishingly fast for a 13 year old, and I have no idea why. My long, deep blackish blue knee length hair billows out behind me like a curtain, my bangs still covering my right eye and scars on my cheek, my identical bright violet left eye is not covered at all. You see, I'm used to this. I have been living alone since I was 7, free to roam around as I wish. As I run to the near edge of my island, I spot something shiny in the water. I am entranced. I grab the small, silvery stone and cuddle it. Then they catch me, and take me onto a plane headed to someplace called "America". On the plane, they steal my shiny, and then try to ask me some questions. That was a big mistake. You see, I'm not one who says much, and I refuse to answer anything until they gave my shiny back. After a lot of sulking and puppy dog eyes, I still don't agree to talk, but instead I fill out a survey.
1. Name? Ravynne Mystic
2. Age? 13
3. Place of birth? Dokos, Sardonic Islands, Greece
4. Where you live now? Sardonic Islands
5. What are your powers? I don't have any
6. What do you like? SHINY THINGS, shadows
7. Favorite word? SHINY

The white coat monster stared at it in confusion. I can only write in Greek, and can barely speak American, but I know sign language, which helps. We got off of the plane, the white coat monster got distracted, I stole his notebook, and I ran. I ran and ran and ran until I made it to an abandoned warehouse. I went inside and found a small pile of pillows in the corner. I laid down and slept, until I was awoken by some other kids around my age come into the shed. Uh oh.

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