♡ ~ Starry Nights ~ ♡ (A marauders love story).

Name : Emily Harris
Age : 11 - 15
year : 1 - 5 (Meaning first and fifth)
Hair : Black, slightly curly near the end.
Eyes : Blue
House : Gryffindor
Best subject : Transfiguration
Friends : For now, Ember
Enemies : Sirius because he's always footing with her & Ember
Personality : She's a smart gryffindor, she's placed there because she's loyal and trustworthy, she can be brave in the best of times. She's not shy to her friends or people she's known for a while!

Chapter 1


I glanced around the platform, it was big and was filled with people wearing robes, carrying owl cages under their arms, and carrying brooms over their shoulders. This wasn't an ordinary place, it was platform nine and three quarters.
I've been here before to see my older sister, Rachelle, off. Rachelle was done school now and worked hard in the law enforcement in the wizarding world. But now it was my turn- I was the one going onto the train to go to hogwarts. I was starting first year and was shocked that I had received my letter, I had shown no magical abilities so my parents thought I was a squib. That was until glasses shattered around me when I went into a rage with my sister- although we were fighting she gave me the most bone crushing hug I had ever revived from her. My hogwarts letter came at the beginning of august and I was never so happy.
My parents came up behind me smiling cheerfully around the place- soon followed by my sister.
"Well, here we are!" My mother, Sandra said happily gazing up at the scarlet, steam engine train. In bold letters at the front of the train it read the words "The hogwarts Express." Rachelle looked in awe around the place.
"To be honest, I never thought I would be back here!" She said happily, her eyes flickering to every detail of the platform. I rolled my eyes but smiled at her.
"Not my fault I decided to scare you all- I was a great person even when I was a baby," I said smirking. My mother scowled at me but my father, Darren, simply gave a light hearted laugh.
"Anyway, we'll see you at Christmas.." My mum said giving me a big hug. She kissed my forehead.. Which I purposely wiped afterwards. My dad gave me a hug... Then it was followed by Rachelle.
"Bye Ems," She said. I turned away from my departing family and looked back at the train. Now the nerves were kicking in.. I knew no one on this train and nobody knew me. To them, I was a loner first year. But, for some reason I didn't care at the same time... I was going to hogwarts.
I walked over to the train with my luggage in one hand and my snowy White cat tucked under the other. Her name was Winter and my mother bought her for me the minute I had received my letter. Of coarse, if I wanted to contact my parents I could alway use the school owls.
The hallways were over crowded and asking people to move nicely wasn't really going to do much help. Instead me, the small little first year, had to push and squeeze through all the taller, older kids. Eventually, at the back of the train I found a compartment to myself. This wasn't too bad, I didn't expect many people would venture down to the back. So I was safe to do whatever I like. I decided to inspect my own wand. I gripped it in my hand and looked at it. I was still getting use to the idea that this was mine. I smiled slightly and tucked it into my pocket. The train began to move and I watched as parents waved to their kids leaving them for a few months. I wouldn't have to see my sister or my parents for ages now!
My thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the door. A girl with golden, blond hair and emerald green eyes stood at the door. She was about my height which was average height for an eleven year old.
"Er, could I sit here? I can't find any other seats," She told me nervously. I nodded and picked up Winter off of the set across from me. She purred in my arms as I stroked her White fur. "Ohhh! She's cute, what's her name?" the girl asked sitting down across from me where winter was moments ago.
"Winter," I told her. "And I'm Emily.." I said shaking her hand.
"I'm Ember. Are you a first year?" she asked hopefully. I nodded and she looked relieved at this. I supposed I would also be nervous if I was with a second year.
"What house do you expect to be in?" I asked her nicely. She looked down at her feet embarrassed slightly. Her face was a light shade of pink.
"I'm not sure, I'm a muggleborn.." She said quietly.
"That's nothin' , my parents thought I was uncappable of magic, thought I was a squib," I said smiling at her. She gave a small shaky laugh. "But, most of my families been in gryffindor, my father was in Ravenclaw." She looked up, her blush was gone from her cheeks and she looked relieved again.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Stood there were three boys, one had black curly hair which was almost at shoulders length, the next had black messy hair, round glasses and wore a smirk on his face. The last had brown hair, light scarring on his face and had dark brown eyes.
"Wouldn't mind if we sat here? Can't find anywhere else," Said the one wearing the glasses. Ember looked at them curiously as I nodded, she seemed to recognise them.
"Weren't you the ones I saw down below in a compartment with the red haired girl and the black haired boy?" She said glancing at them all thoroughly. They all smirked.
"Ya, we got 'kicked' out of the compartment because I was making fun of Severus," Said the round glassed boy again. Ember frowned and turned to shrugging her shoulders.
"I'm Emily," I told them.
"I'm James Potter-"
"Sirius Black-"
"And I'm Remus Lupin," They all said one interrupting the other.
"I'm Ember," she said. She turned and looked out the window. I glanced out too, the day had gotten darker and twinkling stars appeared one by one. A half moon hung low in the sky and I gazed dreamily up at it. That was until yet again I was interrupted.
"What house do you expect to be in?" I turned and saw the Sirius boy had spoken. I shrugged.
"More than likely I'll be in Gryffindor, either that or I'll be in Ravenclaw," I told him. He turned to Ember who pretended not to be listening. I saw her cheeks go pink again so she stayed staring out as we all spoke.
"Oh, I'll probably be Slytherin..." Sirius muttered. He looked a bit disappointed with it. "All of my families been there..." He frowned. "I hope to be in gryffindor too though," He said his voice getting slighly happier.
"I'll be a gryffindor hopefully," James said proudly putrid out his chest. I chuckled as he messed up his already messy hair.
"I say Ravenclaw would be nice.." Remus said.

The train stopped twenty minutes after we had got changed into our robes. The uniform bared the hogwarts crest on the left side and I glanced at it in awe. We looked up at the castle, it was big and magnificent. I remembered Rachelle telling me that they have lots of spells on it so muggles see it as a dangerous ruin instead of the castle that stood before me.
"Firs' years! This way!" Called someone in the distance. Illuminated by the station lights was a very tall, big built man. He had brown tangled hair and a beard to match it, he had brown beetle eyes which showed kindness. "'Mon now, onto the boats.."
I climbed into one of the wooden boats with Ember. Remus climbed into our one along with another boy named Jack. Jack was tall, had sandy blond hair and blue eyes.
The boats drifted calmly to the castle. We were brought up the stairs infront of two oak wooden doors where a stern looking women, with emerald green robes placed on her stood looking at us through glasses.
"Come along first years," She said. Her name was Professor McGonnegal. All of us gathered around her and she began to tell us of the four different houses. I knew all of this already and zoned out for a minute before I felt Ember pushing me along. I walked nervously to the top, all eyes in the crowded hall were on us. McGonnegal placed an old wooden stool down and on it was an old, worn out hat. McGonnegal pulled a role of parchment and cleared her voice.
"Lilly Evans?" She said. A small, red haired girl walked up to the stool. She looked as nervous as I felt. From the corner of my eye I saw Sirius nudge James who smirked at him in return. The hat was placed on her head and we all jumped as the hat began to speak.
"Oh, already I see you have a bright mind, but a heart so loyal. You show great courage... Must be.. Gryffindor!" The hat shouted. She smiled happily and ran down to the table wearing red and gold on their banners above their heads.
"Jack Thomas," Called McGonnegal. The boy from the boat got up and sat down happily. We were expecting it this time and dint jump when the hate spoke aloud.
"Ravenclaw!" It said the hat touched his head. He joined his table like Lilly did.
"Severus Snape?"
"SLYTHERIN!" A loud applause erupted from the table wearing green and silver. James glared at the boy as he sat down with other slytherins.
"Emily Harris!" I gulped. I walked up to the hat, my legs felt rather heavy even when I sat down at the stool.
"Oh, a family with Gryffindors I see, a Ravenclaw mind you have, much like your fathers. But, like your sister you gain courage, loyalty and a heart that's true... Gryffindor!" I felt happier now and joined Ember at the Gryffindor table. I was greeted happily by the prefects.
"James potter!"
A few other names were called and then Sirius was called. He got up looking as though he was already sure where he would belong, glancing down at the Slytherin table in disgust.
"Gryffindor!" Like the others I began cheering for him. He looked as though he wasn't expecting this but walked casually down to our table. James high fived him happily and I welcomed him warmly.
A bunch of names were called and then finally "Remu Lupin!"
Remus walked up and sat down at the chair. He looked paler than he had on the train. His light scars on his face were visible from her also.
"Gryffindor!" It shouted. He got up and joined us at the table. Already had I thought things were going great and then the headmaster got up.
"Let the feast begin!" He shouted. On the gold plates in front of me foods I could never of imagined were there. Without hesitation we all dug into the food, in fear it would be gone if we blinked.
After the feast I felt stuffed and happy. The nerves were hone and I felt light on my feet again. Ember and me began to chat and by the end of the feast we were already friends.
Hogwarts was great so far!

Soo... Omg! That was long! Ha, I never wrote anything so long! Lol! Anyway, can I've five comments this time considering I wrote so much?:] thanks!:]

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