Is He Seriously The One?(A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Is He Seriously The One?(A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

The reason why I've done Taylor Lautner love stories is because I really love him! I mean who doesn't? I am making a new one about a girl who is you, that falls for Taylor at the mall. I will be making a lot of twists in this story.So when you think something's going to happen, it probably isn't.You're name is Louise Misa.(The last name is Samoan,an island)You are a senior. You're a famous singer.You start out as a kid.You're best friends with Taylor Swift,and were Best friends with Taylor.

Chapter 1

Time To Time

Taylor (Lautner) and I have been friends since 2 years ago.We were in the pool in my backyard. "Louise,I'm going to dunk you!" "No!" He put me on his back and dunked me. "Taylor!" I yelled. "Hey,let's go inside.I think you're mom made cookies!" Taylor put me on his back again,but this time he carried me out and took me in my house.We ate so many cookies, that we got a stomach ache. "Louise,let's go to your room" "Why?" "Fine,we can play barbies" ""Okay!" I yelled. We raced upstairs,and opened the door to my room.Taylor locked the door behind me."Taylor,why did you lock the door?" "I need to tell you something" "Yeah" "Louise, I love you" "I love you too" "No, like the way our parents love each other" "I do though! Even that way" "Really! Promise me you'll never leave me alone.Ever.If you do,I'll do the same" "I promise" "I promise" He repeated. "Hey, you think we can have a sleep over tonight?" "Yeah,isn't that why you brought your bag?" "Oh right!Sometimes I get a little absentminded." "Huh?" I said looking confused."It means I'm forgetful" "Oh,well we should probably go to bed." "Yeah,goodnight!" "Night" I said. We went to bed in my bed.He wrapped his arms around my waist.When I was around him, I felt so protected.

Middle School.......

Today was the winter dance and Taylor asked me! I already had my dress and shoes."Hey Louise" "Hey TS" (TS is another way for Taylor Swift) "So, Taylor asked you huh?" "Yup" I said popping the p. "What!He asked me too!" she said disappointed. "He did what?" "You heard me!" "Let's go talk to him" She nodded. We walked over to Taylor. He was in front of his locker smiling until he saw TS. I was the first to talk. "Did you ask TS to the winter dance when you already asked me?" "No,I canceled on her when I started dating you." "You swear?" "I swear" "UH..........I hate you Louise!" TS said walking off.

Night of Dance.........

Taylor picked me up at 8 and picked up TS and her date. When she got in the car, she looked perfectly happy. "Woah, TS.New BF?" "Yup, and sorry for the other day!" "Yeah,it's fine." When we got there, it was like a dream come true.Taylor pulled me to the dance floor and we danced the night! Then came a slow dance song.Taylor pulled me to his body.I wrapped 1 arm around is neck, and the other on his chest. I also let my head rest on his chest. He put his arms around my waist.He lifted my face from his chest and kissed me. I kissed back.Best night ever!
Next one will be high school!

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