The Life Behind Closed Doors

Okay, well this is my first story to post! :) I would love constructive criticism. Okay, well that's about it! Happy reading! :)

Chapter 1


Her hair blew in the strong wind as she walked into the empty field. A large gust of wind came and caused a chill to run down Carrie's spine. She tugged her jacket around herself even tighter than before. It really figured that today was the day, the day she had been waiting for for two weeks. It was the coldest day of the entire winter. For a moment, she contemplated turning around and going home, but then she remembered why she was really there.


He was all Carrie thought about, and she was all he needed. Love is a powerful thing, especially between these two people. If their paths had never crossed, one of them would have been dead long ago.

Carrie tucked her long brown hair behind her ear, attempting to stop the wind from blowing her hair into her bright blue eyes. But, she knew the wind would be the winner of the battle, so when her hair instantly untucked itself, she attempted to ignore it. But of course, it was arduous to pay no mind to a long piece of hair obscuring your vision. So, as a last minute thought, she gripped her hair and put it into a ponytail.

After fixing her hair, Carrie checked the time on her phone. It was exactly 9:57 PM. Jace was scheduled to call in just three minutes! She shivered, unsure of whether it was from excitement or the cold climate. Carrie and Jace had planned this phone call for about a fortnight. That was when Jace left for a two-month vacation. Neither Carrie nor Jace could handle being separated for that long. So, they decided to have conversations once a week. That way, they could still talk, but Jace could still have fun on his vacation. Last week, they only talked for a few minutes, because Jace had something he needed to do.
Carrie made her way to the middle of the field and sat down on a patch of grass that appeared to not be too muddy from the rainstorm that occurred the night before. Before sitting, she crouched down and felt the earth with her hand. As she had hoped, it was as dry as the Sahara Desert. So, she sat down and crossed her legs, awaiting the call.

Again, Carrie checked the time to find a result of 9:59. She squealed with excitement at the thought of talking to Jace. Two weeks is the longest time they have ever been apart since they began to date two years ago. She reminisced about their first date as she waited.

Since they were only fifteen, neither of them had a license yet. So, Jace’s mom drove them to the movies. Carrie still couldn’t remember the movie it was; just that she was overjoyed to be there with Jace. She had a crush on him for a while before he finally got up the courage to ask her on a date. Jace’s mom had left them at the movie alone and planned to pick them up when it was over. But what she didn’t know was that Jace purposely told her the wrong time so that he would have more time to talk to Carrie. Although neither of them knew it at the time, they both really liked each other. So, when Jace’s mom called and said that she got a flat tire and would be an extra half hour late, they were both secretly overjoyed.

Carrie remembered going to an ice cream place next to the movie theater. It is called Frozen Fantasy, and that is the most popular hangout for high schoolers in their town. The two teens talked, laughed, and ate for what felt like forever to the two of them. It was not even two weeks later when they began dating exclusively.

All of a sudden, she heard Bruno Mars singing “Just The Way You Are”, Jace’s special ringtone, which startled her out of her recollection. She quickly grabbed her phone from where it rested in her lap and flipped it open, answering the call.

"Jace." Carrie said happily into the phone. She was so excited to finally be talking to him again. But then, a wave of realization hit her. She would have to wait another whole week before talking to him again. She decided to try and save her sadness for later and attempted to muster up some joviality. She heard a happy sigh come through the phone.

“Oh, Carrie, I miss you so much! You don’t want to know how much torture these past two weeks have been for me without you. I can barely handle it anymore!” Jace said with mixed emotions in his voice. Carrie rolled her eyes, waited for a response, and then discerned that he couldn’t see her. Oh how she wished he could!

“Jace, I miss you too! But hey, you’re lucky enough to be on vacation. I am stuck here listening to Lily complain about not having a boyfriend every time I mention you! Best friends can be so annoying. But, I guess she can’t understand how hard this is for you and me because she has never been in love.” Carrie reasoned. “I can’t believe you are going to be gone for another month and a half still. I can’t face not seeing you, Jace!” she finished sadly.

“Oh Carrie, you know me well enough to know that I would be there with you if I could. I tried everything I could to get my parents to allow me to stay home, but you know how my Mom can be. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no turning back.” Jace stated. Carrie sighed heavily, trying to be loud enough that Jace could hear her though the phone.

“Yeah, I know how she can be. I am so glad my parents can be easily persuaded! I just, I miss you, so much, Jace.” Carrie yammered.

“I miss you too, Carrie. But I have a way that we can seem like we are together, if you want to hear it. Are you in the field like I asked?” Jace said temptingly.

“Yes, Jace of course I am in the field!” she replied, feeling slightly insulted. Jace knew her well enough to know that she would do anything he asked without question. At least, she hoped he did.

“Good. I figured you would be. Okay, well I found a nice field in Florida. I want you to lie down on your back. I am doing that, too.” Jace instructed her. The moment he said it, she obeyed. Carrie leaned back in the grass and stretched her legs out in front of her. Before Carrie could reply that she did as she was asked, Jace spoke again. “Now, I want you to look up. What do you see?” Jace questioned her. While rolling her eyes, Carrie tilted her head up and opened her eyes. Above her was a whole other world. It was a world filled with beauty. It was the majestic night sky. There was a myriad of stars all around. It was beautiful. But, Carrie decided not to admit that. She decided to answer sarcastically.

“I see the tops of the trees and an airplane. Is this the part where you tell me to look at the stars and pretend that you are there next to me? How many cheesy scenes in television and movies were created just from this ‘look at the stars’ business?” Carrie remarked jokingly. Jace laughed.

“Come on, just do it for me.” Jace pleaded.

“All right, I will play along, but only because you begged me. What do I see? I see the brilliant stars.” Carrie said happily.

“Believe it or not, I am looking at the stars too! Imagine that! Just pretend that I am there lying next to you, holding your hand like you know I would.” Jace told her. Carrie did just that. She reached out her arm and pretended he was right by her side, instead of thousands of miles away. Carrie knew that Jace would be doing the same, or so she thought. So, she sat there for a while, enjoying the silence.


“Is it time yet?” the man asked. He startled Jace, who flipped around quickly in his chair. When he saw who it was, the smiling countenance his face shone with quickly dissolved into a frown of pure bitterness and hatred.

“Come on, you know I said it would be done soon. Be quiet, by the way. She thinks I am in a field all by myself. I want her last few moments to be special and beautiful.” Jace informed him.

“Aw, little Jacie has a soft spot for our victim. I guess that is what happens when you fall in love with the girl you are supposed to get close to so she trusts you and we can kill her. Poor you, after tonight she will be dead and you will never forgive yourself.” he cooed.

“Just get out of here. I hate you.” Jace informed the man. And with that being said, the man stormed out of the room, leaving nothing but the memory of him behind for Jace.

Before speaking again into his phone, Jace typed two little words into the computer in front of him, and then pressed send.



“Jace? Are you still there?” Carrie asked into her cell phone. He had gone silent for a while now, and she thought she heard muffled voices in the background. She told herself that she must be imagining that, because Jace told her he was in a field, alone. He would never lie to her.

“Uh, yeah, Carrie, um, I’m here.” he said, stumbling majorly. Carrie knew Jace well enough to know that he never stuttered, ever.

“Jace, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Carrie questioned him while suddenly sitting up. She was genuinely troubled for him.

“I, um, yeah, I’m alright. Don’t worry.” Jace stated, seeming slightly surer of himself, yet still pretty rattled. She didn’t respond, knowing that he was not fine. She gave a little cough, which meant ‘spill’. Jace knew that cough, and he knew it meant that he needed to say something.

“R-really Carrie, I’m fine. Really I am. But, I just need you to know something.” Jace said, tears forming in his eyes. Lucky for him, he was good at keeping his emotions out of his voice and replacing them with fake ones. The fake emotions he chose were ‘love’ and ‘clarity’.

“What is it?” Carrie asked sweetly. She felt pretty worried. First stuttering, now this? She was anxious to hear what he had to say, yet she was slightly apprehensive about it.

“I love you. I love you so much, Carrie. You mean the world to me. Without you, I am nothing. I love you more than anyone or anything I have ever loved before.” Jace said, only now letting the tears spill from his eyes down his cheeks. They were fierce tears. At that moment, tears began to fill Carrie yes, although hers were tears of joy and love.

“I love you, t-“ Jace cut her off and began speaking again.

“Let me do the talking, please. I need to right now. Carrie, I love you more than anything in the whole world. I need you to know that. But, I must go now. I will always love you.” he said sincerely. Before she could protest, he hung up the phone.

His timing was impeccable; he just missed the sound of his one true love dying by gunshot.

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