Crazy Dream...I know none of you really care but whatever...


Chapter 1


So I was in my school's band room and I was sitting in a mess of chairs with my friend Max a chair to my right, and my friend Filip a chair to my left. I took clarinet out of nowhere, put it together and started to play. This confused me in real life because I actually play the flute. Anyways, my friend Cierra rushed in and started to look for something. She said, "Where is it?" and I said, "Here, Cierra, I took your clarinet." and gave it to her. She then pulled out a DVD from the back of the clarinet and gave it back to me. Then she disappeared. My band teacher stuck his head in the door and said,
"Okay, everyone, grab your specially color hula-hoops and lets go to the gym. Max got a purple hoop, Filip a yellow, and I an orange. As soon as we were all in the gym, the fire alarm went off. We all went crazy, running around as if the world was going to end. Max climbed to the top of the bleachers and screamed. We all shut up and then he said, "I know how to fix this. Follow me." So he led us back to the band room and over to a TV. Then he said, "Cierra, do you have the DVD?" She nodded and gave it to him. He popped it into the TV and said, "Great, now we can all watch Peter Pan." It wasn't Peter Pan, though. It was Cierra's science project.

yeah. im weird...

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