Paranoia: New OC UPDATED

Chapter 1



Full name: Paranoia -Last name uknown-

Pronunciation: par.rəˈnoɪ.ə

Nickname: None. She is called Paranoia and Paranoia only.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 26

Birthday: October 13.

Sexuality: Straight.

Religion: Atheist

City or town of birth: Cheshire in England.

Currently lives: Oxen in England.

Languages spoken: English, Japenese, German.

Native language: English.

Relationship Status: Single





Hair colour: Dark purple.

Hairstyle: Short in the back, long in the front.

Eye colour: Mostly yellow, although they sometimes change into red.

Skin/fur/etc colour: Tanned skin.

Tattoos: She has a tattoo of a black feather on her back, left shoulder.

Piercings: None.

Scars/distinguishing marks: Has a three claw-like scratchs along her neck. Most likely from a demon.

Preferred style of clothing: Lolita, gothic.

Frequently worn jewellery: Always wear a black, velvet collar around her neck, a black cross hanging off of it.


Smoker? No.

Drinker? No.

Drug User? Which? No.

Addictions: None that she knows of.

Allergies: None.

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: No.

Any medication regularly taken: She used to have to take anti-depressents for a very long time, but finally gave them up after she realized that they weren't working.


Personality: Cold, heartless, sadistic. Can be emotionless at times, doesn't like getting too close to people. Keeps her emotions to herself.

Likes: She likes many things; Anime, writing, reading, drawing, fighting, sushi, foxes, black, humans.

Dislikes: It's hard to say what she dislikes, seeing as how she does not share her thoughts very often. Though it has been shown that she does not like the color pink.

Fears/phobias: Amnesiphobia - Fear of amnesia - She had suffered from amnesia but recovered most of her memory. Most.
Atychiphobia - Fear of failure - She feels like she failed her parents in protecting them from her brother. This has caused her to try and become stronger, as to not fail anyone.

Favourite colour: Black.

Hobbies: Singing, writing, drawing, cooking, practicing. Also likes to sew.

Taste in music: Rock, screamo, metal. She likes Japanese music also.


Talents/skills: Is an excellent drawer, writer, sewer and fighter. She does not agree with people when they say she is a very good singer.

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Can operate pretty much anything, although she prefers walking.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore, though at one point she became a Carnivore...and she didn't eat animal meat.

Favourite food(s): Any Japanese foods.

Favourite drink(s): Saki

Disliked food: Broccile, pancakes (From eating so many).

Disliked drinks: Tea in general.


Describe the character's house/home: Paranoia lives with her close friend, Justin. They live in a two story home, where both share a room at the second floor. The room is usually very messy and unorginized. The walls are a off white while the carpet is black. There is a desk in the corner of the room with Justins computer (Paranoia has a laptop) and school work. There are two beds, Paranoias covers are red with strange, black symbols whilst Justins are blue plaid. Both have a chest at the end of their beds with their clothing. Posters line the walls, and there are a lot of books by Paranoias bed.

Significant/special belongings: She has a small, purple stone that she keeps in a small, grey bag. It is from her mother and father, before they died.


Level of education: Is in collage.

Qualifications: Too many.

Current job title and description: Works at a flower shop down the street as a cashier.

Name of employer: Mrs. Loyld, Justins mother.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? It switchs between the two.

Fighting skills/techniques: Uses a sword to fight. Very fast, strong and quick-minded.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Able to control shadows/darkness, creating objects from them.

Weapon of choice (if any): Sword. Though she does sometime use a Scythe.

Weaknesses in combat: Sometimes loses control of herself, her mirror self coming out. This causes a complete character change. She becomes unstable.

Strengths in combat: Can come up with different stragies very quickly.


Parents names: Kerrin and Micheal.

Are parents alive or dead? Dead

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Seeing as how they are dead, no.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Had an older brother, who killed her family. So, you can say that their relationship was...horrible. (He is now deceased.)

Other Important Relatives: None.

Partner/Spouse: None though she might have a small crush of Justin.

Children: None.

Best Friend: Justin.

Other Important Friends: Kristy (Best girl friend), Karen (Second best girl friend), Dale (Second best guy friend).


Pets: Has a small pet fox, named Z. He has black fur and green eyes.

Enemies? Why are they enemies? Veronica. Blames Paranoia for killing her son. Anyone else that is friends with Veronica.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Paranoia doesn't remember much before she was 5, although she does remember the rest. At age 5, she unlocked her true powers, losing control of them. Slowly though, she started to gain a small upper hand on them, able to control them just slightly. At age 6, she grew stronger and smarter. Between ages 7 to 10, she would have play fights with her friends, though sometimes she would hurt them badly. Even so, her parents and brother were proud of her for being so strong and smart.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 19): At age 11, she finally gained full control of her powers. Upon turning 13, she was possessed by a demon, or her mirror self. She lost control, killing her best friend at the time. She was then over struck by greif. When she finally started to forgive herself at age 15, her brother started to hate her for being stronger then him. At age 16, she came home from fighting to find all her family and villagers murdered by her brother. She vowed revenge, stricken by greif. At age 18, she killed her brother after tracking him down. From then on, she was pretty much alone.

Describe their adult years (20+): From 20 to age 24, she was alone still, staying away from most people in her college. Then she met Justin and started to change, for better. Justin and her become best friends. She moves in with him after not being able to pay the bills for her apartment and Justins mother gives her a job at her flower shop. Paranoia develops a crush on Justin, her first true one.


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