Please Pray For The Philippines--if you don't read this, you're heartless.

This is a message from Durfi

Chapter 1

This Is It

Unfortunately, I only got the news today--the tsunami in the Philippines.
Please pray for them.

Let's do this like we did it for Japan.
There are people there who are just like us--people with joys, sorrows and lives; families, friends.
Jobs, money, food...

The news might tell you it's all alright, but people still suffer--even if it's something small.
Please pray for each and every person in the Philippines--you don't know them but you never know how one of them might become significant in your life.

I know plently of people form the Philppines--all of them are brilliant people.
In fact, one of my closest friends on here is from the Philippines.

She hasn't been online for a while--this kind of thing scares me.
So please, pray.

Anyone who supports me here will recieve endless love from me; I swear I'll never forget the kindness you have done.
Being an Indian, we know how it is when you're country floods or gets destructed by nature--so I know how it feels, you should too.

Durfi :)




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