Silent Colors.

Please note: This story is not meant to offend anyone who is deaf.
The simple fact is that I've become interested in ASL (American Sign Language)
When I get interested in something, I write about it.
Also note: This story is not meant to last very long, I just wanted to write what it's like.

Chapter 1


     I jump lightly over my dog, Dusty, and I see his tail slap the floor happily. Grabbing my jacket off the rack in my foyer, I notice the fabric rustle. I don't hear it. The click of the door, the crunch of leaves under my feet, and the wind in the trees . . . All remain as quiet as the night. I tuck my hair behind my - empty - ears. The ones that wouldn't have been helped by a hearing aid. The world would  have just been silent, but now I would have a piece of plastic and metal shoved in my un-hearing ears.
     Its hard to meet people when the first thing you tell them is that your deaf. They instantly back away with shields raised; obviously thinking you'd get a double package with mental retardation. It's not like that. I was top of my fifth grade class before it got so bad I couldn't hear anything. Now I have to have a teacher that can sign
     There is only one person that really understands me. His mom is deaf, and he can sign easily with me. We'll have an hour long conversation before we know it, and our hands and arms will ache.  
     I am actually going to see Parker now.
   /Hello./ He signs quickly, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I can see his mouth moving, mainly because it's easier for hearing people to sign and talk at the same time. Sleep good? I shook my head.
     "Nope. You?" Even though I say it, I sign it too, just incase he can't understand my off-key voice.
     /Nah./ His mom is in the hospital with a brain-ravaging tumor, and since we hang out all the time, she's like my mother, too. I had come over every day since her treatment started to keep him company. Want any breakfast? I realize I haven't eaten anything this morning.
     "What do you have?" I ask.
     /Well . . ./ He scours the shelves. Do you like cat food? I laugh, and I know my laugh is my favorite quality. I can't hear it, but I know exactly how it sounds. I can feel it. 
     "I'm willing to try something new!" Now it's his turn to laugh.
    Whatever. What do you want do to toady? After he finishes signing the question, he gets out a bagel and cream cheese: the only breakfast I will eat besides a banana strawberry smoothie.
     "I was thinking we could go down to the park?" His face lights up. The park is his favorite place to be in the fall, when all the leaves are fiery colors.
     /Great! Let me grab my coat!/
     "And I will stay here and enjoy my gourmet bagel." We smile, and he dashes off to get his jacket.

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