The Life of a Tainted Angel

The Life of a Tainted Angel

Sean- Tall. Long blonde hair. Ocean blue eyes.

Sky- Average Height. Long white hair. Pale blue eyes.

Jet- Tall. Short brown hair. Dark green eyes.

Chase- Tall. Long black hair. Hypnotic blue eyes.

Selena- Average Height. Long, inky black hair. Electric green eyes.

Chapter 1

The Changing

by: Subrina

I ran through the woods, the pine trees ripping at my huge wings. Once a pearly white, they were now tinted grey from all the dirt. My lungs sucked in air painfully, the expense I had to pay for running too long. It didn't sound like anyone was behind me, but I wasn't a fool. Vampires could run silently and quickly, something I didn't have time for. I stomped my way through the forest and into a moonlit clearing. I burst through the trees just as the vampire caught up with me. I extended my wing to fly when suddenly there was a searing pain in my right wing. I turned and saw a small dagger lodged in my wing. Before I could fully turn around, another dagger pierced my left wing. I cried out in pain and ripped the daggers out.

I took a good look at the vampire. It was female, very agile and quick. She was thin and wore all black, in the clothes of this year, 1912. And from her clothing you could that tell she was recently in Europe. Duh, she had chased me there. Her boots were black leather, and had a lining of grey fur. Her cloak also had a fur trimming, and the hood was pulled over her head. Before I had time to find a weakness of some sort, the vampire encroached on me, grabbing more daggers. I tried to get away, but my wings hurt too badly. She spun around and around, each time slicing my chest with her razor sharp daggers. Finally, I collapsed onto my knees. She looked at me, then let out a small laugh. She pulled her hood back and I tried not to gasp.

Her name was Sky. She was beautiful, of course she was. All vampires were. She had pearly white hair that cascaded around her shoulders and fell just above her waist. Her eyes were a pale blue, but then again, everything about her was pale, except her lips. They were an exotic red, very stunning. I shook my head, not wanting to think that this... this THING was stunning. She laughed again.

"Wow, Sean." Sky threw down her daggers, now covered in my blood. She put one hand on her hips and the other through her hair. "You know, you were the hardest to catch in all my years in this pathetic job. You make it fun." She winked at me and I scowled.

"Rot in hell." She frowned and said,

"You know, I could make this quick and painless. All you have to do is become one of us. After all..." She held out her hands and smiled. "What's the harm in being on the winning side?" I glared at her and she put her arms down. She looked down, then turned her attention back to me. "You do know what will happen after I Change you." Oh, I knew. She sat down next to me and I tried to punch her. Wrong move. Sky whipped out her daggers and stabbed each of my arms, pinning me to the ground. I screamed in pain and she smiled. "The other Angels will brand you an outcast. They will hunt you down and kill you." I gulped, knowing it was true.

"Well," Sky said, wiping her hands on her pants. "Let's get this over with. I've wanted to taste your blood for some time." She knelt over me and I struggled to get away from her, even though I knew it was impossible. She smiled down at me, then leaned down. I stopped moving entirely. Everyone knew that it was more painful if you were moving, and there would be enough pain already, thank you very much. Sky's lips brushed against my ear and she whispered, "Are you ready Angel?" I didn't move, which she took as a yes.

Her fangs, sharp as needles, dug themselves into my skin. I could feel the blood pooling from my neck and onto my chest. But that wasn't the painful part, which was coming. I braced myself as I felt the poison coming.

This is a common misconception throughout the human world. Most people think that when a vampire bites a human, or in my case an Angel, they automatically become a vampire. That's not true. If a vampire wants to turn a human into a vampire, they have to inject venom through their fangs, sort of like snakes.

At first, the venom numbed the pain. Then everything just stopped. All I saw was black. I couldn't feel or move anything at all. A second later, all I felt was pain. And so I did what any person would do. I screamed. It felt like instead of blood, acid was running through my veins. I opened my eyes to find Sky sitting next to me, watching me scream as if... fascinated. Was there hurt in her eyes? No, I must have been imagining it. I closed my eyes, the pain was too much. I screamed until I couldn't scream anymore.

After God knows how long, Sky stood up. The pain had decreased, but it still hurt to move. Sky looked down at my bleeding body. "You have made it through the Changing. I knew you would. You are strong, Angel." She turned to leave, pulling her fur hood over her head. She looked back at me. "Come and find me when you are ready. I will be waiting for you." She knelt beside me and kissed my cheek. It burned. "Goodbye, Sean." And with that, she walked away.

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